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Why are PVC strip curtains hygienic?

You may have heard or seen it written that PVC curtains are one of the most hygienic forms of barrier you can opt for. This is why they are used as doorways in food factories, and incorporated into refrigeration units to keep the chill in. But what is it that makes them so hygienic? Let’s

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4 ways PVC strip curtains reduce health and safety hazards

PVC curtains have a lot of surprising uses and applications, and many of these are extremely helpful from a health and safety point of view. Here are just four of the hazards that you can reduce or mitigate through the use of hanging PVC strip curtains, and how it works. 1. Noise pollution Loud noise

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6 ideal scenarios for PVC curtains

PVC curtains can be useful in a lot of different ways. While their uses are hugely diverse, we’ve picked out six scenarios in which they would be the perfect solution to your needs. If any of these situations ring true for you, you know what you need to get your hands on! 1. A space

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The science behind PVC: a simple guide

PVC is a material widely used for all kinds of projects, but what is it that makes it so useful? Here we’ll give you a simple guide into what makes it work, and why it makes the perfect choice for curtains in a variety of uses. The basics To give it its full name, Polyvinyl

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How to look after your PVC curtains in 2019 in 5 simple steps

PVC curtains are extremely low maintenance, and this means it’s easy to look after them. If you have them installed already, or you are looking to have them installed this year, here’s how to make sure that they remain in top shape. 1. Clean with a damp sponge Cleaning your PVC curtains is extremely easy.

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Combating pest control with PVC & fly insect screens

Pest control becomes a real concern in the summer, as the warmer weather brings out all manner of flies and insects who are looking for food. Unfortunately, this also means that they spend a lot of time trying to get into places where we don’t want them to go. If you’re looking to keep out

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