Why are PVC strip curtains hygienic?

You may have heard or seen it written that PVC curtains are one of the most hygienic forms of barrier you can opt for. This is why they are used as doorways in food factories, and incorporated into refrigeration units to keep the chill in.

But what is it that makes them so hygienic? Let’s look at the facts here, so you can understand why this material is such a great choice.

Smooth surface

The smooth surface of PVC curtains is great for a number of reasons. The first is that should any dirt get onto the curtains, it is easy enough to wipe them clean. All you need is a bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge to remove dirt and bacteria. You can also wipe them dry with a towel if you would like to, but because they lay so flat and smooth, the water will drip right off if you leave them wet.

The other great thing is that dirt does not build up so badly in the first place. As your PVC strips age with time, they might get some light surfaces scratches which can attract a build-up of dirt. It will still be easy to clean these out, and because the PVC is so durable, you won’t get to that stage for quite some time. You can also choose to replace one strip of the curtains at a time if you are worried about damage or scratches harbouring bacteria. This will save you money, as you don’t have to replace the whole curtain every single time!

The PVC strip curtain formation is really cost-effective for this reason, and it is very easy to install new strips. This means they are easy to deal with no matter what happens to them over the course of their lifetime – which could be very long.

Heavy yet light

The big benefit of PVC curtains is that the strips are too heavy to be moved aside by insects, small pests, and so on. On the other hand, they are light enough to be easily moved by humans – even children. This gives them the perfect position to deter pests and bacteria to pass through them into a new area.

Anything that meets the curtains will be trapped on the side that it came from – so, for example, a doorway to the outside is well-protected by PVC strips. It would take more than a gentle breeze to sway them, too, so you will have good protection at all times.

It’s not just physical and visible pollution that can be kept out by your PVC curtains. Just as they keep bugs on the other side, so do they prevent some of the flow of air. This means that temperatures can be maintained much more easily on either side – preventing a huge loss of heat in a heated area, for example, and reducing cooling bills on open refrigeration units.

They also reduce the flow of noise and smells from one area to another. This might not be so much of a problem in everyday life, but in a factory setting, this can be crucial. Reducing the need for ear protection and creating a more pleasant environment for your employees is always going to be a huge win.

There are many ways in which PVC curtains are a useful fit for a lot of situations, but their good hygiene rating is a huge one. You can also rely on your curtains at extreme low temperatures, as freezer-grade material are available. Perfect for factory and retail scenarios!





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