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Made to Measure PVC Strip Curtains offers a customised solution if you want made-to-measure PVC strip curtains. Simply visit our online quoter, input the curtain width and height you need, the types of PVC, choose minimum or maximum overlap and we’ll create the PVC curtain kit to your exact specifications.

We also provide alternative cost effective solutions to establish temperature control such as heavy duty crash doors, you can view our other pvc products by using our website navigation menu.

Quality PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtain kit for standard doors now available

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering PVC Strip Door Kits on a same day/next day despatch for when you need a curtain in a rush.

Our PVC strip door kit comes complete with the relevant number of PVC strips complete with stainless steel hanging plates, the hanging rail, screws, rawl-plugs and fitting instructions.

Unlike some other companies offering made up kits, ours are made up the same day/next day to ensure the strips of PVC don’t roll inwards as, over time, if PVC is rolled tightly it will go concave.

Visit our PVC strip door kits page to view our range.

PVC strip door kits

PVC Strip Door Kit

PVC curtain kits

Industrial PVC Curtains Manufacturer

PVC strip curtains are one of the most economical and efficient solutions to retain warmth or cold. They also prevent entry by birds and any kind of insects, while still allowing safe passage for pedestrians and motor-vehicles.

As an alternative to strip curtains, we also supply Industrial Crash Doors.

Individual PVC curtains overlap each other to form a sheet that will cover any size opening yet still be accessible to any vehicle or pedestrian whilst maintaing workplace safety.

They are very simple to install and we now offer sliding options to allow for easier access. N.B. The sliding curtain slides in metre sections clear of the opening. Munsch & Co. carry a large range of PVC Curtains and components required to make up doors or partitions.

Benefits of PVC Industrial Strip Curtains:

  • Retaining warmth (reducing heating bills), or cool air
  • Increasing workplace safety
  • Reducing or sustaining noise levels
  • Clear so they will allow natural light to go through
  • Keeping birds and insects out
  • Industrial and commercial use

Trusted UK PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturer

We supply clear PVC from 1mm to 4mm thick, in widths from 100mm to 400mm. We also offer ribbed PVC in our 200, 300 and 400mm widths. These are great for reducing scratching from fork lift trucks or vehicles. The thicker grades are generally used for high usage areas and large openings, whereas the narrower gauges are more suited to pedestrian areas. We can also supply red or dayglow edge warning strips to warn FLT drivers.

As the curtains are relatively simple to fit, we generally supply them pre-cut to length with the hanging plates affixed for our hook-on system or holes pre-punched for the bolt-on system. However for more complicated requirements we offer a full nationwide PVC strip curtain fitting service.

Choose your PVC type

In addition to our clear PVC strip we offer a number of other options including Anti-Static, Colours, Red, Blue, Black, Orange,  Anti-Insect Yellow, Perforated (To Allow Air Through) Freezer And Chiller Grades, And Welding Grades.

PVC crash doors
PVC free-flow play curtain
Fly and insect screens
PVC sliding curtain
Welding grade pvc curtain

Tailor your Industrial Plastic Strip Curtains to your needs

As every factory and storage space has its own particular characteristics, it is important that your plastic curtains are tailored just to your needs.

Freezer Grade Curtains

If you are operating a chilled area, freezer room or refrigerated vehicle, it may also be worth investing in a super polar grade curtain. A freezer grade curtain can significantly reduce energy waste by retaining chilled air within the enclosed space. A freezer grade curtain can withstand temperatures of down to -40°C so are ideal for any business that deals with refrigerated goods or cold stores.

Industrial PVC strip curtains are also an effective way of improving your health and safety measures as our PVC curtains enable natural light to pass through. This improves visibility throughout your factory or storage space to highlight obstacles for forklift and pallet truck drivers.

To further improve health and safety, we also offer day-glo pvc strip curtains, which clearly highlight the edges of buildings, fire exits and doorways.

If you are struggling to fit your PVC curtain we offer a PVC Fitting Service.

PVC Curtain Strips
Industrial pvc strip curtains

PVC strip curtains available in all shapes and sizes

Our PVC strip curtains come in the following widths: 100, 200, 300mm and 400mm. Thicknesses vary from 1mm to 4mm depending on the width and grade of PVC selected. Thicker gauges are generally recommended for high-traffic areas which experience regular forklift or pallet truck through traffic and for particularly large curtains. We also offer ribbed PVC, these maintain good visibility by reducing scratching. We offer the following ribbed grades, 200mm x 4mm, 300mm x 5mm and 400mm by 6mm.

Choose Hook-on or Bolt-on Fixings

PVC strip curtains can be ordered with either hook-on or bolt-on fixings. Although bolt-on strips offer additional sturdiness, the hook-on system allows you to easily remove strips for either replacements or to increase airflow when required.

Should you wish to avoid driving through your industrial curtain, we also offer the option of a sliding system. This consists of an additional track/s attached to rollers. There are various styles of sliding system, including bi-parting for compact areas as the tracks slide out of the way in metre sections.

PVC strip curtains full nationalwide fitting service

Whatever form of industrial curtain suits you best, we offer a full nationwide fitting service for more complex projects. Most curtains are supplied pre-cut with the hook on plates attached, or holes pre-drilled for the bolt on system. This allows for easy assembly at your location.

Please note, however, that we recommend using this service for a curtain that requires additional steelwork and gallows brackets.

For more information about industrial curtains, please contact us on 01625 573 971.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PVC strip curtain?

By limiting the passage of pollutants such as dust, filth, smoke, odours, and draughts from one area to another, a PVC strip curtain may help you create a cleaner and more efficient work environment.

Do you install PVC strip curtains?

Yes, we offer a full nationwide delivery and installation service.

What type of PVC strip curtain do I need?

We keep a wide stock of PVC rolls that can be purchased in bulk or used to build your PVC strip curtains in a variety of widths, grades, colors and thicknesses.
Some of the types of PVC strip we offer are: Clear, Anti-Static, Polar, Welding, Ribbed, Ribbed Polar PVC rolls.

If you are unsure on which type of PVC strips you require, contact our sales team on 01625 573 971.

What information do I need to provide when ordering PVC strip curtains?

To provide a quote on your custom PVC strip curtains accurately and easily, we will need you to calculate your opening height and width. To ensure changes can be made after installation, we automatically add allowances to the width and height.

We will also need to know the type of PVC strip curtain you require and the type of fixing (bolt or hook on).

You can start your bespoke PVC Curtains quote here.

What delivery options are available?

We offer free delivery for UK mainland orders. If you are outside of the UK mainland please get in contact with us for a delivery quote.

My PVC strip curtains are damaged, can I order replacement strips?

PVC strip curtains are a replacement product, and they can get dirty and degraded over time and with use. But the entire PVC strip curtain and suspension system doesn’t always need to be replaced, we provide a replacement PVC strip service that ensures the PVC strips can be bought individually to fill the holes in your package. For more details or to order replacement pvc strips, please contact our sales team.

How do I maintain my PVC strip curtains?

It’s very simple to clean and maintain PVC Curtains, we have a section on our website dedicated to the maintenance of PVC strips here.