4 ways PVC strip curtains reduce health and safety hazards

PVC curtains have a lot of surprising uses and applications, and many of these are extremely helpful from a health and safety point of view. Here are just four of the hazards that you can reduce or mitigate through the use of hanging PVC strip curtains, and how it works.

1. Noise pollution

Loud noise levels are a serious issue in manufacturing sites, as well as building sites and other production facilities. When you have loud machinery working on a constant basis, particularly in an enclosed space, the noise can quickly reach a level which is not deemed safe for human ears.

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Click here for a PVC Curtains quote

At this stage, it is important to insist on ear protection for all employees. This may include earplugs, ear defenders, or other methods. But what happens when you have a nearby space in which it is equally important for employees to hear clearly, such as when in the path of an oncoming forklift?

In this case, you can use PVC curtains as a divider between the spaces which will also help to deaden the noise pollution. You may be surprised by the degree at which this works, and how much more noise spills through when the curtains are opened.

2. Clear line of sight

In an entranceway, you have three options. The first is to leave it open and clear, which may not be practical for a number of reasons. The second is to install a door, which brings with it potential further problems – the opening and closing on a constant basis is likely to turn into simply leaving it open all the time, making it not much above our first option.

The third option is PVC curtains, and from a healthy and safety perspective, it is the best option. These transparent strips allow a clear line of sight from one side to the other, meaning that anyone on either side can see others approaching and stay out of the way. This allows for the transit of both people and vehicles with no safety issues.

The curtains also move aside quickly and easily when simply pushed by a human body, with very little expenditure of energy. You don’t even need hands free to turn a handle. This makes it much easy for travel through an entranceway in all regards.

3. Temperature control

Freezer rooms are a stable of food manufacture or packaging facilities, and they can often be so cold that employees require special clothing to enter and work inside these rooms. Since a forklift may be needed for regular transport, installing a doorway is, once again, completely impractical.

Installing PVC curtains does more than guarantee easy access. It also helps to control the temperature on either side of the entranceway, keeping cold air on one side and warm air on the other. This means that your employees do not need special equipment or clothing to go by the doorway, and will only require it when entering.

4. Moveable access

Doors are fine for people, and curtains are fine for both people and forklifts. PVC curtains that can be moved back and forth on a rail, however, are the only option that is suitable for people, forklifts, and larger vehicles or access.

Having the ability to move the curtains out of the way when needed creates a flexible health and safety solution which is unparalleled in its suitability for almost all situations.

PVC curtains could help more than you think with health and safety initiatives at your site. If you’re looking to reduce accidents and save money, they are the best way to go.





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