6 ideal scenarios for PVC curtains

PVC curtains can be useful in a lot of different ways. While their uses are hugely diverse, we’ve picked out six scenarios in which they would be the perfect solution to your needs. If any of these situations ring true for you, you know what you need to get your hands on!

Click here for a PVC Curtains quote
Click here for a PVC Curtains quote

1. A space split between a warehouse and a processing area

In factory situations, there is often a large space being used for multiple purposes. You may have a processing area with lines where the products are made or packaged, and then a warehousing area where they are taken to be stored before shipping. You may also have a shipping area where lorries are able to pull up and load.

PVC curtains are ideal in this case because they provide a barrier which is easy to move through either on foot or in a forklift, and which allows visibility on both sides. It also reduces noise pollution on either side of the curtains, as well as reducing the chance of pests and pollutants crossing through.

2. An outdoor exit or entrance which is frequently used

If you are frequently going in and out, you may find it tedious to open and close a door. However, this leaves the interior vulnerable to pests, as well as potentially increasing your heating or air conditioning bill.

PVC curtains provide a safe solution which minimises the passage of pests as well as hot or cool air, whilst also making it easier for you to walk in and out whenever you like.

3. An interior door which is frequently used, especially if you are carrying things

Just like the above example, it’s easier to pass through PVC curtains than to frequently open and close a door.

If you are likely to be carrying something during your passage – such as if you are entering a storeroom to find stock for a customer – then you will also appreciate being able to pass through the curtains without needing the use of your hands.

4. An entrance to a refrigeration unit

Refrigerated rooms are essential for many sectors of the food production industry, and they may even go down to freezer-level temperatures. There is a need to pass in and out of these rooms frequently during production and shipping, but you also want to keep your cooling bill as low as possible.

Just as we have explored already, PVC curtains are ideal for both of these uses – and you can also purchase special freezer-coated PVC which is designed to withstand extreme low temperatures.

5. An irregular space, such as a door or window, which needs to be easily accessible

If the space you want to curtain off is a strange size or shape – perhaps several different levels in one place – then PVC curtains are an ideal solution. Each strip of the curtains can be cut to the dimensions you require, so it’s easy to have different lengths along the rail or to fit them to an unusual space.

6. A pathway which sometimes needs to be sealed and sometimes not

If you only want a barrier in place some of the time, PVC curtains form an ideal solution. They can be installed on a sliding rail, allowing them to be pushed back when not needed. The strip formation of the curtains means that they will concertina down into a smaller space, unlike solid sliding barriers, which need enough room to be pushed back.

PVC curtains are versatile enough to fit a number of different situations perfectly, as you can see. If you now know they are right for you, you can order online or speak to us for a consultation today.





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