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Where Can I Purchase Clear PVC Door Strips?

When buying clear PVC door strips, especially for commercial use, it is very important that you find the right quality available at the right price. That’s where we come in. We have done the hard work of finding the right suppliers and making good deals on prices, so all you have to do is place

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PVC curtain doors for cold storage

When looking to protect your cold storage areas, PVC curtains are the ideal solution. If you are not yet aware of the many benefits of using these curtains, read on: you could save your company a lot of money, as well as improving your health and safety rating. This is everything you need to know

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Our new range of crash doors

If you have an area with heavy traffic, our new range of crash doors is going to be perfect for your business. Increasing safety, helping to control the passage of heat and air, and allowing for a clearly visible passageway, they will improve the situation no matter where you place them. What are they? PVC

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Increase safety in the workplace with PVC curtains

Health and safety is hugely important in the workplace, both as an employer and for your employees. PVC curtains can help you to increase safety levels, and also aid with putting correct procedures into place. If you are wondering how, here is a full explanation of the ways PVC curtains can increase your workplace safety.

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Keep food hygiene 5 star with PVC door curtains

If you are in the food industry in any capacity, you will need to adhere to strict hygiene rules. This is no surprise to those who deal with food daily, but keeping up standards on a daily basis can be difficult. You can improve your protocols and keep your food hygiene at a five-star level

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Why are PVC strip doors essential when retaining heat

Retaining heat is a big concern in a lot of businesses Especially where you have a large area to work with, such as in a warehouse, it can be a real struggle to keep heat where you need it. Here’s why you should be looking at PVC strip doors as an essential purchase. Why should

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