Keep food hygiene 5 star with PVC door curtains

If you are in the food industry in any capacity, you will need to adhere to strict hygiene rules. This is no surprise to those who deal with food daily, but keeping up standards on a daily basis can be difficult. You can improve your protocols and keep your food hygiene at a five-star level by using PVC door curtains – and here’s how.

PVC Door curtainsSeparating food and non-food storage

One of the ways in which you can use PVC curtains is to create a boundary between food and non-food storage. Because of the flexible yet heavy nature of the curtains, it will be easy for you or your employees to reach through the curtains, or to walk for them, in order to access the food. However, they form an effective barrier which prevents contamination coming over from the non-food side.

Make sure that you keep the curtains closed tightly at all times when the storage is not being accessed. This will help the curtains to work more efficiently. It is also essential that you measure your space properly in order to get the exact right fit when installing the curtains.

Keep out pests

If you have your food storage in an area which has contact with the outside world, for example near an open door or window, you will need to be concerned about pests. This can include flying or crawling insects, and even rodents such as wild rats or mice. Pests can easily access your food if it is not covered in any way.

The PVC curtains, while easy for a human to move, are too heavy to be moved by insects or rodents. This means that they will not be able to pass through and get to the food inside the curtains. If you are concerned about pests, be sure to clean your curtains regularly in case of contamination on the outside where pests have been. It’s very easy to clean the curtains – you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe down the PVC. The smooth material means that dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Maintain correct temperatures

Food hygiene can also be compromised if produce is not kept at the right temperatures. Too hot, and it could spoil easily. Too cold, and you may end up with freezer burn or find your liquids congealing. It’s important to maintain the right temperature at all times, and you can do this easily with PVC curtains in conjunction with a heating or cooling unit.

The use of PVC curtains cuts down on the amount of hot or cold air traveling through the barrier, thus making it easy to keep temperatures the same. Not only will this cut down on the chance of food spoiling, but it will also save your energy bill by making your systems more efficient.





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