Increase safety in the workplace with PVC curtains

Health and safety is hugely important in the workplace, both as an employer and for your employees. PVC curtains can help you to increase safety levels, and also aid with putting correct procedures into place. If you are wondering how, here is a full explanation of the ways PVC curtains can increase your workplace safety.

Create boundaries between areas

A PVC curtain can serve as a physical reminder that an employee is stepping from one area of the workplace to another. For example, if you are often loading lorries from your warehouse, you will want one area where the lorries load up, another where products are stored before being loaded, and perhaps another where items are manufactured or packaged. Each of those areas would require a different level of safety.

Passing through a PVC curtain can remind an employee that they need to switch into different safety equipment, such as a hi-vis coat or a hard hat. It can also remind them that one area is for foot traffic while another is for forklifts and other vehicles. It could even remind them not to overstep the boundaries and go into an area that they do not have authorisation for.

Slow down traffic

If you do have forklifts and foot traffic moving in the same areas, it is very important that traffic is controlled and kept to a maximum speed limit. You can help to slow down traffic by installing PVC curtains at important junctures.

In order to pass through the curtains safely, the forklift driver will need to slow down. Because of the transparency of the PVC, they will be able to look ahead and avoid any pedestrians coming towards them. This helps to keep traffic flow to a minimum and reduce speed at points where collisions might be more likely.

Because the PVC necessitates slowing down, it can even help in areas where employees are found to regularly flout your current safety regulations, such as slowing down, using lights, or using noise alerts on the vehicle. It is an extra measure which must be observed even when all others are ignored.

Prevent cross-contamination

If you have products such as foodstuffs in your workplace which must be protected, PVC curtains will help to prevent cross-contamination from other areas. You can use them as barriers for a door to the outside, as well as separating production areas from packing areas and from loading areas. Each extra layer of PVC curtains means it is much less likely for contamination of any kind to pass through.

Insects, rodents and other vermin, hot or cold air, smells, and even sounds can be kept at bay by PVC curtain installations. While they are not complete barriers, they will help to reduce the passage of contaminants whilst still keeping it easy for employees to pass from one area to another.

No matter what kind of workplace you are running, PVC can certainly help to increase safety in a number of different ways.

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