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How can PVC curtains can reduce contamination and dust

PVC curtains are useful in a number of ways, particularly when you are trying to prevent contamination. If particles in the air are of concern to you, or you don’t want things getting dusty, then PVC is a good material to help keep your products safe. Here’s how it works. In refrigerated units or storage

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PVC crash doors for warehouses and storage

PVC crash doors can be an essential component of health and safety in warehouse and storage environments. They are convenient, cost-effective, and make a big difference in the workplace – creating an area that is more comfortable and easier to work in. Here is everything you need to know about PVC crash doors and how

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Why should I be using PVC curtains in the cold weather?

PVC curtains maintain heat PVC is a great material which sits in just the right place to give us a large number of benefits. It can form an effective barrier and light enough to be brushed aside by someone needing to enter. Some of the things that well-fitted PVC curtains can keep in their own

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Will using PVC curtains save money long term?

You might be interested to know whether PVC curtains are a good investment to make. Are you going to save more money over the long term by using these curtains, as opposed to other materials or even a solid door? The short answer is yes – but if you’re looking for the details, read on

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How can free flow PVC curtains be used in schools?

In order to make schools as safe, fun, and open for learning as possible, it’s sometimes important to try new materials and change the environment. One way to do this is to use PVC curtains to create a free flow play area, where children have access to both indoor and outdoor environments. Why is free

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4 reasons to use PVC curtains & doors in the winter

  PVC curtains and doors are useful all year round, but in the winter, they can have particularly helpful applications. Here are the four reasons why you should think about installing PVC strips at your place of work ready for the winter. 1. Heat retention The big thing you have to deal with in the

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