PVC crash doors for warehouses and storage

PVC crash doors can be an essential component of health and safety in warehouse and storage environments. They are convenient, cost-effective, and make a big difference in the workplace – creating an area that is more comfortable and easier to work in. Here is everything you need to know about PVC crash doors and how they could be a positive force in your warehouse.

Convenient use

It’s easy to buy and get PVC crash doors installed, which is good news if you’re agonising about which solution to go for. Unlike ‘normal’ doors, which are usually more heavy duty and made of wood or thick plastic, PVC doors are very flexible and can be easily cut to size. You can order the precise dimensions that you want and get them delivered to you fast timeframe.

PVC crash doors
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Cost-effective solution

The big thing that will attract most business owners to looking into PVC crash doors is the fact that they are a lot cheaper than almost all other solutions. You can go for plain, clear PVC doors which give a full view through to the other side, or you can have some of the door area coated black or grey to provide different panels. This is all done at a very low price, even with a very high standard of quality.

Comfort and ease

PVC crash doors can also make the workplace environment more comfortable for your employees to be in. Since you can see through the PVC to the other side, it is easier to move around, especially with vehicles or when pedestrians mingle in vehicle areas. Being able to spot anyone who might be coming towards the door is a huge health and safety boost.

PVC is also a fantastic material for keeping areas separate. It can prevent the flow of noise, temperature, and smells, as well as keeping out pests. If you have a cold storage area, for example, you can reduce your heating bill and keep the outer area more comfortable because the cold won’t leech out (or the heat in). If you have an area with loud machinery, workers who are on the other side of the PVC doors won’t see as much noise pollution – which is great for their hearing.

There’s also less chance that smells will transfer, which can be hugely important in storage facilities or workshops that deal with chemicals or foul-smelling processes. With less transfer, your employees will find their work more enjoyable, and won’t have to worry about strong odours as often.

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