Why should I be using PVC curtains in the cold weather?

PVC curtains maintain heat

PVC is a great material which sits in just the right place to give us a large number of benefits. One of these is the fact that it is heavy enough to form an effective barrier, whilst still being light enough to be brushed aside by anyone wanting to enter. Some of the things that well-fitted PVC curtains can keep in their own separate spaces are heat, smells, noise, and small bugs and pests.

PVC strip curtains

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Because the plastic curtains fall down to create an effectively sealed doorway, the heat does not transfer through as much as it would in an open space – or even in a doorway where the door was left partially open to allow access. This means that if you have a space where you are constantly moving through to the outside and back again, PVC curtains can be a more effective option than a door.

PVC is durable

The great thing about your curtains being outside is that they won’t show much wear and tear from the environment. PVC is very durable, and is unlikely to pick up much damage as a result of low temperatures. If you choose to go for freezer-grade PVC, you won’t have any problems at all. It is also designed to withstand higher temperatures from the sun, so you won’t have to change your curtains when the summer comes around.

Where the rain and cold might cause wooden doors to swell and warp, PVC curtains will remain in the shape that they were when they were installed. They are difficult to damage, and surface scrapes won’t do much at all towards the effectiveness of the material. They are also very easy to clean as a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will normally do the job, so they are always suitable for the outdoor environment.

They are cost-effective

Above all of this, you will also want to know what such a handy material costs. You will be relieved to know that PVC is priced very cost-effectively, particularly when you shop from a source that is able to offer you good prices on high quality. They will not need to be replaced for a very long time, and even if something should happen to one or more of the strips, you can replace them individually to make things easier. This means a much smaller bill if an accident should happen – though it will need to be a pretty big accident to necessitate a replacement!

You can have the PVC installed on a fitting that suits you the best, such as hanging curtains which are fixed in place or a sliding option so that you can push them back out of the way if needed. There is a lot more flexibility in these than getting a solid door, and chances are that they will also cost you less – especially if you are interested in quality products only.

Even though it might not seem like the most obvious solution, PVC is actually fantastic for keeping the cold weather at bay. Your PVC strip curtains won’t mind the wind, rain, and cold – they will keep their place and ensure your heaters don’t have to work too hard to compensate for the entryway.

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