How can PVC curtains can reduce contamination and dust

PVC curtains are useful in a number of ways, particularly when you are trying to prevent contamination. If particles in the air are of concern to you, or you don’t want things getting dusty, then PVC is a good material to help keep your products safe. Here’s how it works.

In refrigerated units or storage solutions

You have probably seen PVC curtains in use in storage units, usually used when refrigeration is also present. This material is chosen for the task because of the fact that it can slow down or even prevent the transfer of hot and cold air, meaning that it costs less to keep the unit fully refrigerated.

Click here to get a PVC Curtains quote
Click here to get a PVC Curtains quote

However, PVC can also have other uses in this context. When you have items stacked inside a storage unit behind a PVC curtain, this will also prevent dust and other undesirable particles from getting in. Because the barrier sits in place above or around the products, dust will simply sit on the PVC curtains themselves – and they are easy to clean with a simple wipe down.

This means that the dust does not get through – though it is important to keep up with cleaning the PVC so that the dust cannot slip inside the unit when the curtains are disturbed in order to take out or put in an item.

In doorways between outdoor and indoor spaces

Another popular usage of PVC curtains is to hang them in doorways, creating a barrier between an outdoor space and an indoor space.

Without anything in place, a breeze or the passage of people stirring up the air can easily carry particles of dust and contaminants from one space into another. But if you have the PVC curtains in place, these particles are effectively blocked from entering the space.

A solid door might manage to achieve this as well, but the difference is that PVC curtains can let in light, air, and make passage more easy. Instead of having to open a physical door, humans and machinery such as forklifts can easily pass between the curtains, moving them out of the way with little effort. At the same time, smaller animals, insects, dust, and even noises or smells will have a hard time going through the barrier. This makes PVC a great solution which gives the best of both worlds.

PVC Curtains as a temporary shield

You don’t even need to have PVC curtains permanently installed in place.

The curtains can be put in on a runner, this is a great idea in areas like workstations which might not always be in use, or in situations which can change day to day. You might only need protection when something worth protecting is on site, and can then make access more free when there is no need to keep out dust and contaminants.

If you are worried about dust and other forms of contamination, a PVC curtain is a good all-round solution which can work in a large number of different scenarios.

When it comes down to it, this is a fantastic way to simplify the problem and deal with it as effectively as possible without running up huge costs.





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