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Combating pest control with PVC & fly insect screens

Pest control becomes a real concern in the summer, as the warmer weather brings out all manner of flies and insects who are looking for food. Unfortunately, this also means that they spend a lot of time trying to get into places where we don’t want them to go.

If you’re looking to keep out flies and other insects, there are a number of solutions that might present themselves. Nothing, however, is both as effective and as safe as PVC screens.

Ventilation with pest control

Click here to get an instant online PVC curtains quote
Click here to get an instant online PVC curtains quote

The main advantage of using a PVC curtain as your insect screen is that it allows the best possible ventilation for any door to the outside. A solid door is not always a viable option – for example, in areas where people must pass inside and outside very often. In this case, a solid door would simply be left open almost all of the time. This would allow pests to enter the building at their will.

A PVC door, however, has a very different property. It is light enough for humans to pass easily through the strips of PVC curtains, which fall back into place immediately. This means that insects are kept out, while passage through the entranceway is not at all restricted.

The door also allows for light and air to enter into a space more easily. This is because the material is transparent, allowing light to shine right through the PVC strips and into the interior of your space. You also get more air movement because of the flexible nature of the PVC. However, the air does not flow as easily as it would with an open entranceway – which means that noise and odour pollution won’t spread as much!

Avoiding use of chemicals

One of the other options which you may potentially consider for pest control is the use of chemicals, such as pesticides. These are not as advantageous a method for several reasons.

Firstly, depending on the use of your building, it may not be suitable for the use of potentially toxic chemicals. If you are running a business, for example, or if children are often in the building, you will want to avoid those harmful substances.

Secondly, when you do use a pesticide, there is often a clean-up job involved. You will have to spend time and effort cleaning up dead insects and other pests – which is a lot of work for you to do. It’s also quite unsavoury, and if you don’t do it quickly, it will leave a bad impression for others who visit the property. It may even constitute a health hazard in itself.

Pest prevention is the key

Finally, prevention is always better than cure, particularly when it comes to pests. Insects can easily lay eggs in hidden spaces inside the building, which means that you will end up with a lot more creepy-crawlies hatching inside and complicating matters further. And if you don’t catch those ones in time, the cycle will continue.

All in all, it’s better to use a method like PVC insect screens to prevent the entry of pests in the first place, rather than having to react to them once they are already inside. This will create a more health and safety-friendly environment, as well as costing you less in the long run.

If you are having problems with pest control, or you can envisage this becoming an issue in a newly-built facility, then PVC and fly insect screens are certainly the right solution. Not only do they bring down the number of flies accessing the building, but they also reduce noise and odour pollution while enhancing light.

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