How to increase the lifespan of my pvc curtains


Our PVC curtains are carefully selected from the highest quality materials to ensure that they will last for as long as possible for you. However, even with these measures, you may wish to increase their lifespan. This means you’ll have to replace them less often, saving you money. Here’s how you can ensure that they last as long as possible.

Choose the right curtains

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Not all PVC curtains are created equal. You’re guaranteed the best quality by coming to us, but you should also consider the environment that you will be using them in. Cold stores are a great example of an environment which requires a special grade. PVC has to be treated in a special way in order to withstand lower temperatures. If it doesn’t have this treatment, it will be more likely to crack and break over time.

Install them correctly

We always want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for you to install your curtains, and we can even install them for you. But if you choose to install them yourself, it’s really important that you fit them correctly and get everything hooked up the way that it should be. You can easily contact us for advice, and use our tools and guides to make sure the installation goes smoothly. There are different types of suspension for PVC curtains, so it’s important to get the right one and make no mistakes. You don’t want to damage your curtains before you’ve even really started using them – and these weaknesses can build over time to become a big problem.

Clean your PVC regularly

A lot of customers end up thinking they need to replace their curtains, when really, they just need to clean them. Over time, though, that dirt can build up to a level where it can no longer removed, so it’s important to clean regularly. It’s easy to clean the strips, and this will prevent them from gathering germs or becoming difficult to see through. Just use warm water and wipe down the strips with a sponge or cloth. It’s as simple as that, and the dirt should come away. Since it’s so easy, there’s no real excuse for not making it part of your daily or weekly clean-up routine. Especially if used in a food production area, it’s an important task to keep on top of.

Replace them gradually

If you have one damaged strip in your PVC curtains, you might be thinking in despair that you need to replace the whole curtain. Actually, this isn’t the case. Because they hang in strips, we can actually replace just one at a time, meaning the rest of the undamaged strips can stay put. This will save you a lot of money and hassle as you won’t need to rush out and buy new ones in response to a small accident. It won’t matter at all that the strips are different ages, and if you do need to buy a whole new curtain, you can always keep any strips that are still in good shape as spares for the next time you make a replacement. Store them carefully and they’ll work a treat.





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