What are PVC rolls used for?

PVC has such a wide range of uses, and in creating specific forms with it, we can target it towards certain uses and industries. In the case of PVC rolls, there are still a large number of applications you can use it for. Here are some suggestions of the uses that you might come across most commonly.

Datacentre separators

Datacentres can be very hot and very noisy places. This is due to all of the electricity required, and the by-products of that energy. Installing PVC rolls as separators down certain aisles helps to control the level of heat in the overall room, as well as cutting down on noise pollution. The extra benefit is that clear PVC curtains still allows you to look over to the other side of the room through all of the barriers.

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Chiller cabinet doors

You know the type: a chiller with PVC doors, or strips, hanging across it. The customer simply has to reach in through the PVC – which is easily done, because it is flexible and lightweight – and take out what they need. Once they are gone, the PVC roll falls back into place and continues to form a barrier. PVC helps to keep in heat – or keep it out, in this case. It stops cold air from leaking out, so that you can lower your heating bill. It also stops warm air from getting in, so your chiller is cheaper to run. It’s also more hygienic, forming a barrier to pests and smells.

Cold room doors

Again, if you want to keep an area cold or stop cold from leaking out, PVC rolls are perfect for the job. They can form doors to larger areas, such as walk-in cold rooms, in factories, warehouses, and retail units. They also serve a health and safety purpose: employees moving from one space to another can see through the clear PVC, and won’t step out into the path of danger – ideal in warehouse areas where forklifts may be moving around.

Loading bay doors

It’s not ideal to leave part of your warehouse or factory open to the elements. On the other hand, it’s tedious and time-consuming to install doors which have to be opened and closed every time you load a lorry. With PVC curtains, both problems are solved. Rain, wind, sun, and pests are kept out of the indoor space. When loading, employees can simply move through the barriers, which will lift out of the way and slip back into place easily. There’s no delay as there would be when opening and closing a door, and the movement is so much easier. It’s the ideal solution to the loading bay problem.

We haven’t even begun to cover all of the various uses of PVC rolls – you could also list welding bays and booths as an area needing flexible and moveable protection, for example. The applications are almost endless. That’s why PVC rolls have so much potential, both in the workplace and even at home.





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