5 benefits to using PVC strip door kits for your doorways

If you have been thinking about using PVC strips in your doorways, you may wish to consider going for a door kit rather than purchasing a custom specification order of strips. There are a lot of benefits to take from this approach, including the following things you will definitely want to keep in mind.

1. They’re cheaper than custom PVC curtains

If you want to order custom PVC curtains to fit a specific space, that’s certainly possible – and we will be able to provide a result that fits your needs entirely. However, if you don’t have a complicated doorway – if it’s just a very simple doorway like any other – then you may not actually need to have it made to custom specifications. You can use a PVC strip door kit instead, which allows you to easily install the PVC curtains without any hassle. Why spend more money on getting custom curtains made if you can just use the door kits we already have available?

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Click here to buy pvc curtains

2. They are perfect for pest control

PVC strip doors are great at only letting through the things that you want to come through. A human can walk through them easily, but it won’t be so easy for pests to get through. Smaller pests like mice, insects, and bugs won’t be able to push the curtains aside – they will be too heavy for their small bodies. This means that they stay outside, where they are meant to. The same goes for birds: even if they fly into the curtains, which is unlikely, they will find themselves hitting the PVC and going nowhere.

3. They keep everything inside

As well as stopping things from coming in, PVC strip curtains can also be really handy for keeping things from getting out. One example of this is the fact that your business (or home) will be able to save an estimated 35% to 50% in energy bills, because of the fact that the curtains aid with temperature regulation. If the area behind your PVC door is heated, or chilled, then that temperature-controlled air will not be able to leak out as much – which means your system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep it the same temperature.

You can also keep noise to one area: depending on the thickness of the PVC doors that you choose and the overlap between the strips, you can reduce noise pollution by as much as 18db. For an area with heavy machinery operation, this can be a real blessing for those just outside the doorway.

4. They let light in

One thing that the curtains don’t stop from getting through is light. Compared to not having anything at all in the doorway, you can get as much as 80% light transmission coming through your PVC strip door. The clear material means that visibility will stay good without having to add in extra lighting or turn more lights on. If your doorway opens onto the outdoors, this means plenty of natural light getting through.

5. They are safe to use

We ensure that our PVC strip door kits are rated as highly as possible for health and safety. We can assure you that they are DOP Free and REACH compliant. They are also rated as Self-Extinguishing (DIN 53 382), so they are not a potential hazard in a fire situation. Having extra visibility will also help improve your safety, as you can see through the doorway before you step through the curtains.

All in all, PVC strip door kits are highly convenient – and with our high quality products, you will find that they more than do the job you expect.





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