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We carry a wide range of PVC and hanging systems. This page gives a brief overview on the types and typical applications, so you can make a speedy decision on which style is suitable for your application.

Type of PVC

200mm x 2mm
Super Clear PVC Rolls

Typical Application

Personnel doors in non-windy environments. Chiller cabinets, Internal doorways, usually no bigger than around 2200mm high.

Type of PVC

300mm x 2mm
Welding Red PVC Rolls

Typical Application

Larger personnel doors in non-windy environments. Chiller cabinets, Internal doorways. The 300mm wide strips give a bigger overlap while the lightweight 2mm PVC is easy to get through.

Type of PVC

300mm x 3mm

Typical Application

Larger doors in windy environments. The 300mm wide strips give a bigger overlap and the 3mm PVC is hard wearing.

Type of PVC

400mm x 4mm

Typical Application

Our heaviest duty plain offering, as each metre of strip weighs 2 kilos. Designed for very windy areas and heavy duty use by fork lift trucks.

Ribbed PVC

Designed primarily for heavy traffic areas, our ribbed PVC grades have a rib running down both sides along the length of the PVC. This helps to reduce the scratching caused by fork lift trucks, thus prolonging the life of the curtain. We offer ribbed PVC in 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm widths.

Types of Hanging Sytem


Typical Application

Used primarily with smaller curtains which don’t see heavy fork-lift traffic. The advantage of the hook-on system is that the strips are easily replaceable and can be readily taken down to provide more ventilation in the warmer months, or for cleaning.

We offer two types of hook-on plates, for the stainless steel, hook-on track, in either polycarbonate or stainless steel.


Typical Application

The bolt-on system is designed for heavy duty applications and consists of aluminium “V” track. The PVC strips will come supplied with holes pre-drilled in them, and they attach to the track with bolts and an aluminium face plate.

Sliding System

Typical Application

Our sliding system works in conjunction with our bolt-on hanging system and utilises rollers so that you can slide the curtain out of the way in 1 metre sections. This enables you to transport light or fragile goods, or even drive vehicles through without causing any damage.

It should be noted, that unlike office blinds which concertina up, these don’t, they slide in metre sections, meaning if you want to slide a 2 metre wide door out of the way, you need a 2 metre gap.

Realising that this isn’t always practical, our clever team designed a bi-parting track that enables sections to be slid behind other sections.

Types of Overlap

Minimum Overlap

Typical Application

The minimum overlap system uses less strips than maximum overlap, and is primarily used in non-windy areas, where ease of passage is required. The overlap differs between the two styles of hanging system, 40% ovelap with the hook-on where each strip overlaps it’s neighbour by 20%, and 50% overlap with the bolt on system.

Maximum Overlap

Typical Application

The maximum overlap system uses more strips than minimum overlap and is primarily used for larger doors in windy, or heavy traffic areas. The overlap differs between the two styles of hanging system, 80% overlap with the hook-on system, where each strip overlaps its neighbour by 40%, and 100% overlap with the bolt on system, where each strip overlaps its neighbour by 50% on each side.

We stock many different colours and grades of PVC including anti-static, Polar grade for freezers, coloured options, welding grades etc. …

Information Request

Simply fill in the enquiry form below, or give us a call on 01625 573971, and one of our experts will give you all the advice and guidance on our PVC curtain and crash door range.





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