How to Replace Your PVC Strip Curtains

When your PVC strip curtains have come to the end of their usable life, it is time to make a change. Get ready to replace them with these handy tips, which will make the job an easy and brief one. As soon as you suspect that your PVC curtains might need replacing, use our guide to get a new set in place without delay.

Check the quality

The first thing to do is to ascertain whether your PVC curtains really do need replacing.

Click here for replacement pvc strip curtains

Click here for replacement pvc strip curtains

If they have chunks missing or are no longer the right size for the area, then replacing them is a definite must. However, if you are concerned because they appear scratched or you can no longer see through them, try cleaning them first. Often the build-up of dirt can resemble scratches or create a cloudy appearance, and a simple wipe down can remove this problem immediately. Once you are sure that you do need replacements, you can continue to the next step.

Measure your curtains

What you need to know before you place the order is the size of the curtains that you will need. If you already have the curtains of the right length you can simply measure them, but if not, try measuring the area in which they will hang. Remember to check the height of the curtains as well as the area which they will need to cover, as this will help you to determine how many PVC strips you need. Be as precise as you can – PVC curtains work best when they are exactly fitted to the space where they are to be installed. We can make the curtains to order in the size that you require, so make sure that you take your time on this stage and double-check those measurements.

Order your new curtains

Next up, you need to get online and order those new curtains with the dimensions that you have discovered. It shouldn’t be too tough to order as our system is very quick and easy to use. As soon as you have placed the order you can rest assured that your new curtains will be with you as speedily as possible. You will get a great deal, too, as we work with our suppliers to ensure the best prices for our customers. Then just sit back and wait – your PVC curtains will be arriving soon.

Hang the curtains

The last step is to install the new curtains that have just arrived. We can offer expert advice when the curtains are delivered, so don’t worry about getting it wrong – you will be in safe hands. Our hook-on system is very easy to use, so there will be no problems with getting the new curtains into place. You should of course take down the old curtains first if you have not done so yet. The system is the same on both taking down and putting up, so there’s nothing new to learn if you have already done it before! The hooks will fit the width of any door or can be mounted on any ceiling, while the plates which are attached to the PVC strip curtains can be removed from the hook for convenience whenever you need to. Any strip width can attach to the plates, and everything can be done to your specifications.

Enjoy your new curtains!

Now that your curtains are in place, be sure to take good care of them. One of the benefits of PVC is that it is incredibly durable, but this does not mean that you cannot lengthen their life by being careful! If possible, have them mounted on a sliding rail design so that you can move them out of the way at times when they might be damaged or dirtied unnecessarily. Remember to wipe them down with a wet cloth any time that you see dirt gathering on the surface for the best results every day of their use.


Replacing your PVC curtains could not be easier, so there is definitely nothing to worry about if you have noticed that one or two of your curtains – or even a whole rail – needs to be changed out.

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