How are PVC Curtains being used to protect people.

During the present Covid19 pandemic, many people have been using PVC Curtains from both this site, our sister site, and our main site

Despite the initial demand for PVC sheeting to screen off areas leading to low stock, it is reassuring to see that new stock has now arrived in the UK and we are able to supply again at, almost normal capacity.

The most common PVC sheets being used for screening and cough and sneeze guards are 1mm and 2mm thick. These are now available in 20 metre rolls x 1000mm wide.

Stocks of 1200mm x 3mm, a heavier duty grade have also arrived. If you require the really heavy duty 5mm rolls, these are currently available in both 1700mm and 1800mm widths.

Ultra wide 1500mm x 2mm rolls are due to arrive in week 30.

Stocks of the more traditional narrower strips for curtains are readily available with few shortages.

Our PVC Calculator is available to calculate the cost of strip curtains, including all fittings. You can even buy online.





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