Benefits of factory plastic curtains

  • The Benefits of Factory plastic curtains – more commonly referred to as PVC curtains – are incredibly useful in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings.

    There’s every chance you have encountered these before, particularly if you have worked in industrial settings at some point in your life.

    Even if you haven’t, you may well have seen them when entering certain locations, or even just on television.


    So, what are PVC curtains, where are they used and what are the benefits?  

PVC Curtains Explained

These curtains consist of various strips of PVC that hang together between a doorway or entry point. When untouched, the strips hang loosely together and create a screen that covers the doorway but allows people to still see through it. Then, when individuals enter the doorway, they can move the plastic curtains aside and traverse through with ease. 

That’s the basic explanation of what these curtains are, and they are available in different styles. We actually stock a variety of custom PVC curtains that come in many designs and levels of thickness, depending on what they’re used for. 

What Are The Common Uses For Factory Plastic Curtains?

The primary use for these curtains is to offer a convenient method of sealing off a doorway without using a conventional door. There are many reasons you might not want a door in this scenario, but the main one is that it would be highly inconvenient as you experience lots of foot traffic moving to and from a room, meaning it wouldn’t be practical to keep opening and closing a door. In some settings, machines need to pass through the entrance points as well, meaning a door is even less convenient, and these plastic strip curtains are ideal. 

So, where are they commonly found? You see them in warehouses all the time, along with manufacturing factories, industrial kitchens, medical centres, and so on. Below, we have listed a few areas where you may have encountered these curtains before:

  • Auto repair shops/car garages
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Distribution centres
  • Manufacturing plants

In truth, you can see them anywhere as there are no rules on when they should or shouldn’t be used. Many businesses prefer them to conventional doors because of the advantages they bring. 

What Are The Benefits Of Factory Plastic Curtains?

You will have a greater understanding of where these curtains can be used when you learn the benefits they provide. So, how can businesses and companies benefit from utilising PVC strip curtains?

For one, they are an excellent device for separating two areas. The see-through nature of the curtains means you can always see through to the different areas without needing to open a door all the time. This also lets natural light into the vicinity, reducing the need for powerful lights to be on all the time, possibly lowering energy costs. 

Furthermore, having these curtains in place instead of leaving a wide gap means you can retain warmth or cool air in a location. Hence, they are often used in freezer rooms within restaurants or supermarkets. The PVC curtains stop the cold air from leaving the room, maintaining the ideal temperature. 

Despite being made of thin strips of PVC, the curtains can actually be great noise insulators. They will certainly help you block out sounds from one area to the next, without needing to install an inconvenient door instead. 

That’s another key benefit that these curtains hold over doors; they do exactly what a door will do, only they’re safer. Opening and closing doors present safety risks as people can jam their fingers in the doorway or even injure themselves by pushing the door open. Here, individuals can simply walk through and brush aside the curtains without presenting any injury risks to themselves. 

As if all of this wasn’t enough, factory plastic curtains are also used to keep unwanted visitors from certain places. Primarily, they do a great job of stopping insects and birds from flying into doorways and causing havoc. Similarly, they will stop other things from entering or leaving an area – such as dust, fumes or any other elements that might be present, depending on the location. 


In conclusion, plastic doors or curtains can be used in lots of different settings. They have many uses, and the key benefits can be summed up below:

  • Extremely convenient
  • Excellent at separating two areas
  • Great at retaining warmth or cool air
  • Fantastic noise insulators
  • Effective at reducing accidents and increasing workplace safety
  • Brilliant at stopping unwanted things from entering or exiting an area





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