What Are Crash Doors?

Crash Doors Introduction

In an industrial

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environment there are many tools which are used in order to make the everyday running of a business cheaper and more effective. When it comes to warehouses, storehouses or food processing plants there are a number of concerns which need to be

interflex crash doors

interflex crash doors

addresses by a company. In order to run a productive business, you need to make sure the efficiency of your day to day running is as high as possible. For this reason products like PVC curtains and crash doors are almost essential to the everyday running of these businesses. Although PVC strip curtains are ideal for insulating areas of a warehouse or storehouse, they are awkward for driven vehicles in the fact that visibility is obscured when driving through. In a situation where constant access is required for forklifts and pallet trucks, PVC crash doors are a much better solution. PVC crash doors are exactly as the name suggests. Like PVC curtains they act as an insulating barrier in doorways as PVC is an excellent thermal insulator. Due to the strength and durability of PVC, these doors have no need to be opened manually, they can simply be pushed open by a vehicle or pallet truck hence the name crash doors. These doors swing open while the object passes through and close in a matter of seconds, reducing the amount of heat dispersion between different areas.

Where might you use PVC doors?

If you have the need to store different products at different ambient temperatures then PVC doors or a PVC curtain are a must. For instance in a processing plant where chilled foods and frozen goods are stored in adjacent areas, you might use a PVC crash door to insulate between the two areas, but still allow constant access for vehicles and pedestrians without heat dispersing from area to area. This can help reduce the amount of energy you use to heat or chill a particular section, but also increase productivity and efficiency of staff. PVC crash doors can also be tinted for use around welding rigs and other bright lights. This can allow easy access for vehicles to transport finished products, but also protect the rest of the workforce not required to wear the correct welding safety gear.

PVC doors in the commercial sector

multiflex lite crash doors

multiflex lite crash doors

Although PVC doors and curtains are more often seen in the industrial sector due to the strength and durability of PVC, they can also be found in many parts of the retail and hospitality sector. One of the issues of having a bistro pub with a beer garden is the fact that very often the entrance doors are left open in order to keep the inside of the pub cool and allow easy access for bar staff and waiters to carry food and drinks. The only issue with this is the fact there is a much higher chance of flies, insects and rodents from gaining access to the premises and the kitchen. In this instance, having a PVC crash door in the entranceway to the kitchen would allow quick and easy access for staff members, but also help to keep rodents and insects out of the kitchen. Most pubs have a cellar, which needs to be kept at the right temperature and free of mice and rats. Although a PVC crash door might not be suitable in this situation, products like PVC strip curtains would be ideal as they can insulate the entrance to the cellar, stopping rodents from gaining access, but also ensuring the cellar is kept as cold as it should be.

Why are crash doors made from PVC?

powerflex lite crash doors

powerflex lite crash doors

There are many different materials that could in theory be used to produce crash doors, but none that have the same combination of properties which makes PVC the most suitable material. PVC is renowned across most industries as being one of the most versatile plastic compounds on the market. Various combinations of chemicals can produce different density PVC, which make the compound ideal for both rigid and flexible products.

PVC crash doors have all of the strength and hardwearing properties of PVC and are made to be fairly rigid, although they have some flexibility to help reduce the impact from an object being pushed through.

This means they are less likely to get damaged, relatively cheap to produce and really easy to maintain and can be custom made to fit almost any size access way.

Please contact us for more information on crash doors by calling 01625 573 971.

What Are Insect Screens And How Can They Help

Insect Screens: Keep Out The Pests!

Domestic Insect Screen

The Insect Screen

Although in the UK we have very few deadly or dangerous animals or insects, this seems to be made up by the sheer number of fly species that start swarming around the home or business premises trying to find themselves a tasty morsel. Crane Flies, Midges, Mosquitos, Bluebottles, Dance Flies, Soldier Flies, Gall Flies and Horse Flies to name but a few. Each of these species is made up of several sub-species too and on top of that, you have Moths, Butterflies, Wasps, Bees, flying Ants. In fact there are so many things to try and keep out of the home, no insect repellent, fly trap or insect lamp seems to be enough to catch all of them.

So what is the solution? Just as there are many different products for removing insects from the home, there are just as many which are designed to prevent insects from getting in in the first place. Not only is this incredibly effective compared with insect repellents and traps, but also helps to avoid leaving a trail of dead insects around the house.

These products include mesh insect doors, insect screens, roller screens, commercial insect screens, PVC curtains and heavy duty pet screens. Fortunately these products are all available at very competitive prices both in stores and online.

The Advantages

Insect screens have been used for decades in many other countries around the world, in America, Australia and much of Europe. So what is it about insect screens which makes them so popular in other countries? The main advantage of insect screens is that they let the outside air in giving a fresh and breezy home during the hot summer months, while keeping out all manner of insects and small rodents from gaining access. Although they are incredibly effective at keeping out insects, because of the fine mesh they are made from they don’t block out the light. Although they are not exactly oak panelled doors when it comes to aesthetics, most types of insect screens are removable so you don’t have to keep them up during the winter months. As they are incredibly simple in design, insect screens need very little maintenance and can be cleaned really easily. Insect screens are often made in stock sizes, so if you know the measurements you can often get them delivered pretty quickly. If you have unusual requirements for the dimensions, insect screens can be custom built to fit. Insect screens can be used on windows, doors and skylights and because they keep out all manner of insects, they help to keep sides and surfaces clean and free from bacteria. If you are a business, insect screens can improve the general image of your business by creating environments which are free from

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insects and so help you to comply with current health and safety regulations.

Mesh Insect Doors

Fire Exit Mesh Insect Door

Mesh Insect Door

Mesh door insect screens are just like the types of screen you might see in an American or Australian soap opera or film, the secondary mesh door which acts independently from the main door. These types of screen are great for keeping insects out of the house, but also allows you to stop small rodents and cats from gaining access too. There are a number of different mesh sizes which can be used in order to prevent different types of insect and animal form entering your home, so it is important that you get the right mesh size for your situation. This article will cover mesh size a little later on. This type of insect screen is not only ideal for outer doors, it can also be used inside the house on pantry or larder doors, or even between rooms if you want to keep troublesome pets out the kitchen. Although these screens can come as a kit for you to install yourself, or can be installed for you as part of the delivery service, they can still be taken down in the winter when they are no longer in use.

Mesh Door and Window Curtains

These insect screens are completely different in design to the previous insect doors. Mesh curtains take their design from PVC strip curtains which are made from PVC plastic strips. In a Mesh insect curtain strip sheets of wire mesh hang down from a top support, overlapping at the edges to form a protective barrier. The edges of the strip sheets are sewn to stop fraying or damage with constant use. Although this barrier can easily be pushed through by a small animal, it can stop anything from midges to moths depending on the size of the mesh. Because of their hanging design, they are also very effective as insect screens for windows as they can simply be rolled up for storage and even removed when not in use. They also allow a certain amount of privacy when hung over windows as they act like net curtains which many people already use in their windows in the UK.

Roller Insect Screens

These insect screens are a lot like the mesh strip curtains in the fact that they can be rolled up for storage. These insect screens are a little bit sleeker in their design and are much more attractive aesthetically. They come rolled up into a housing cassette which is attached above the window or door so they are not visible when not in use. When you want to put the insect screen in place you can simply roll out of the housing cassette and clip it below the windows sill, either with magnet attachments or clips depending on the design. These insect screens are much less hassle than any of the other designs as they don’t have

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to be taken down, but can stay discreetly in place all year round.

Commercial Screens

Commercial insect screens come in two main designs. The first is a heavy duty mesh curtain which has large sheets of aluminium mesh attached to a stainless steel header to make the product incredibly hardwearing. These types of screen are perfect over large delivery bay doors as they can stop insects and rodents from gaining access while the main door is open, but also allows airflow when the premises get too hot. The other form of insect screen available commercially is the PVC strip curtain. Although their primary use is to stop heat and noise transfer between areas, or to shelter delivery bays from adverse weather, they are excellent for keeping out all manner of insects, rodents and small animals.

What size mesh should I choose?

Mesh size varies dependent on what you intend to use the screen for. If you are located near water then you might want to consider going for a fine mesh like a 20 x 30 mesh, as this small mesh size stops all forms of insect from midges to bees. The finer meshes can also have a build in UV filter, so if you want to protect pets and animals from being stuck in direct sunlight, fine mesh insect screens can keep the room light, airy and cool. If you have a problem with large rodents, animals like neighbours cats and dogs or birds, you can use a heavy duty pet screen to stop them in their

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tracks. Although pet insect screens can be used to keep animals and insects out, they can also allow you to keep your domestic animals inside without having to keep the doors and windows shut. Pet screens are just as effective at keeping pets in as they are keeping other animals out.

If you would like a quote for an insect screen please visit here.

Are Plastic Curtains Made From PVC?

PVC is the Arnie of the Plastic World

When most people think about PVC usually an image of barmy Halloween costumes made from a flimsy plastic material that will be worn once on the 31st of October then be of no use to man nor beast after that. Not many people would instinctively link PVC with heavy duty Industrial PVC curtains or versatile pop up advertising displays, but the truth of it is that most people have

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a very skewed view of what PVC actually is.

Plastic Door Warehouse Curtains

PVC is a heavy duty plastic compound that is as strong as it is flexible. Using the right weight of PVC you can pretty much create anything, which is why it is such a common plastic to be found in both industrial and commercial settings. So to the question are plastic curtains made from PVC, the answer is yes…and for good reason.

PVC is among the most durable and hardwearing plastic on the market and it has a few key features which make it so popular with companies and businesses in a variety of forms. Firstly it is a great insulator of both noise and heat, which means it is the perfect material for things like plastic PVC curtains. It can be made scratch and scuff resistant and is waterproof which makes it ideal for advertising displays and banners. It is lightweight and flexible, which is complimented by its strength and durability and makes it great for PVC crash doors. The list could go on. But it is these key features which make it the only material to create plastic curtains.

PVC Curtains are great in an industrial setting.

Because of the strength and hardwearing properties of PVC, plastic curtains are often seen to be used in industrial environments. Often in large warehouses and storehouses, especially those concerned with food processing, the floor space will be split across a number of different areas of the same business. Industrial Sector Plastic CurtainsThis means the floor space has to be partitioned off to form separate rooms in order to keep the environments different in either part of the warehouse. Partitioning off a warehouse is pretty straightforward, the issues arise once you have erected the partition. In food processing plants especially, food may need storing in a cooler temperature than the staff require in the packing lines, yet small vehicles will need constant access to both areas. In order to maintain the correct temperature on either side of the partition, the access way for the vehicles needs to have some form of blockade in order to stop heat from dispersing from one area to another. Because PVC is such a good insulator of heat, using a plastic PVC curtain in the access way allows you to maintain the temperature on either side of the partition, but also allow easy access for vehicles.

Plastic PVC curtains are individual strips of PVC that are hung together to form a partition wall or curtain. Because of the weight and flexibility of the strips they actually fall together to create a seamless barrier when not in use. As you can imagine, this allows you to insulate the access way through to another area of the business without the need for a door. When a vehicle or pedestrian wishes to access the other area, the PVC curtain is simply pushed through. The individual strips in the object or persons path are lifted out of the way through the force of the object moving forward, and then the strips fall back into place in a matter of seconds once the object or person has passed through.

Plastic PVC Curtains are more effective than doors

This might sound like a little bit of a strange statement to make, but actually PVC plastic curtains are more efficient than doors in a number of ways. If you were to block an access way large enough to fit a forklift through with a door, you are faced with a number of issues, especially in a situation where a different ambient temperature is required on both sides of the partition. To start with you will need a door that is large enough to fit the vehicle through, which means you are going to need a pretty massive door. Then you are left with a choice of manual or automatic operation. Choosing a manual door is going to be the cheapest option and in order for it to insulate the gap, you’re also going to need it insulated, so it will still be pretty pricey. Once you shut off the access way for a day in order to let a company install the door, which is going to be pricey again, then had your door installed, the issues just keep coming. Who opens the door for the forklift driver?

Industrial PVC CurtainsOK so a manual door is a no go, but an automatic door removes the issue of operation and is much quicker to open and close than a manual door. Again the automatic door needs insulating, you’re going to have to let a company spend more time installing it and automatic doors are oh so expensive. After all that, you still have one issue remaining. If the automatic door can fit a forklift through and a member of staff wants to walk through, the door will still need to open to its full extent to let them through. This causes you to lose a lot of heat even after spending a couple of grand on a door. Major issue.

Plastic Curtains can save you a lot of trouble as they are much more efficient both in cost, energy saving and insulation potential. Having a PVC curtain in place of a door removes the need for a lengthy and costly installation, as a curtain takes very little time to install. PVC plastic curtains also provide excellent insulation and allow the least amount of heat transfer between areas. Whether you are driving a small transport vehicle through, or simply walking through as a pedestrian, the curtain will only be parted to fit around the size of the object passing through, so less heat is lost than with both manual and automatic doors and the PVC curtains fall back into place in a matter of seconds.

PVC Curtains prevail whatever the weather

As PVC is completely waterproof, they can be used to cover doorways which lead outside as well as inside. Many industrial plants, warehouses and even shops and offices will have a goods entrance somewhere on the premises. These areas are used for loading and unloading materials and products to ship off to clients, or to receive products from suppliers. Especially in environments such as warehouses you will find these loading doors to be the same size as the Lorries that ship the goods, so often they are pretty big doors. In fair weather this is no problem, but when the typical British weather decides to turn a little more aggressive, you run the risk of damaging perishable goods. Using a PVC plastic curtain over the entrance allows you to protect the goods even

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when loading them onto a truck or lorry, as the PVC curtain acts like an umbrella as the goods are pushed through. It also helps to stop rodents and insects from entering through the doorway and building nests in the storerooms.

Plastic Curtains are a takeaways best friend

PVC plastic curtains are not only suited to industrial environments, using the on a much smaller scale they can be very useful in a commercial setting too. Britain’s villages, towns and cities are full of takeaway restaurants offering home delivery, carry out and restaurant food services. These are the kinds of places that are either relished or dreaded by food inspectors, as their level of hygiene varies from takeaway to takeaway. It can be hard in cities and towns where the local wildlife has evolved to live off the scraps from our tables and bins to keep them from invading your takeaway kitchen, but with a PVC curtain you could save yourself a lot of bother. The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant or home, so it should be treated in such a way. Doorways leading to the kitchen should be blocked off from the world outside, which very often they are not. Rear entrances used by delivery drivers are often propped open, and the front entrance disguised by beaded veils, but this is not exactly going to deter a hungry insect or rodent. Using PVC plastic curtains would remove this issue, one on the rear door would allow your delivery driver to come and go as he pleased without worrying about what creature he may be letting in. One on the front access to the kitchen will help to deter insects and rodents, but also increase your general customer experience and it would insulate the noise from the kitchen, which is especially handy if you have a restaurant or seating area for customers to eat their food.

PVC curtains are low maintenance

As mentioned previously PVC plastic curtains are very cost effective to buy and take little time to install, which is why they are very often chosen in place of a door in both industrial and commercial environments. The other great thing about plastic curtains is the lack of maintenance required to keep them in good shape. In an industrial setting where hygiene is not of paramount importance, a simple wash down weekly should be enough to maintain a high level of visibility. In a commercial setting like a takeaway then daily washing would be essential along with the rest of your kitchen. Should one of the PVC strips break, then there is no need to think about replacing the whole curtain. The individual strip can simply be removed and replaced with a new PVC strip without needing to take down the curtain and reinstall. This article should hopefully have given you an insight into the reasons why PVC plastic curtains are one of the most versatile tools for a great variety of businesses. If you would like some more information or a quote on plastic curtains, please visit our website.

PVC Sheeting Roll

PVC sheeting roll, also known as PVC curtains, can provide a number of excellent benefits to the businesses that use them. They are popular in the industrial sector, being very versatile in their application and fulfilling a number of important functions. The sheeting roll is composed of the material “PVC”, a lightweight and flexible material that allows it to possess a number of useful qualities for a business. PVC sheeting roll is often used to create a flexible cover for open doorways; by covering up the open space, the PVC curtains help a business in many ways. One of these is to maintain a temperature of a building by insulation, and protecting it from the weather outside. This is of vital importance to the food manufacturing industry: in order to keep their food produce fresh and free from spoilage, a chilled temperature must be maintained. Without PVC sheeting roll, the building would be constantly exposed to the outside weather. This not only saves their food from spoiling, but saves them a significant amount of money on expensive air-conditioning.

What can PVC sheeting roll be used for?

PVC sheeting roll has multiple uses, making

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it a very popular choice for a number of different areas of business. PVC curtains are often used to cover up an open space or doorway in a building; due to their flexibility, they allow people to pass through them

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almost seamlessly, without the effort required of opening and closing a door. For businesses with high traffic in and out of their building, or those that deal in heavy objects, this is an extremely useful function. PVC sheeting roll is significantly cheaper to acquire than a heavy duty door, as well

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as being much easier to install. PVC curtains can also be used to create partitions in an area, so an area can be turned into a number of different rooms to separate different areas of business. This helps maintain order and efficiency within the workplace; for the businesses that operate loud machinery, having these partitions also helps dampen the noise of the machinery, giving other areas of the workplace peace and quiet. It also helps that PVC sheeting roll is transparent, for two main reasons. Firstly, it enables those passing through to see any oncoming people from the other side; for workplaces where dangerous objects or heavy goods are handled, this is very important to health and safety in averting any potential accidents. The other utility of this transparency is that the PVC curtains allow natural light to enter into your workplace, saving you a lot of money on costly energy bills as well as refreshing the environment with natural light.

Where can I find PVC sheeting roll?

With the rise of e-commerce, many businesses have taken to the internet to sell PVC sheeting roll. There is a wide variety of sheeting roll available, so you can find the right size and shape to suit your needs. Once you have chosen your PVC sheeting roll, the company will arrange for it to be delivered right to your front door.

Why do I need PVC sheeting roll?

Consider the points below, and see if PVC sheeting roll is right for you:

Ease of entry and exit between areas – important for heavy-goods industries
Regulates temperature – saves money on energy bills
Keeps out insects and unwanted wildlife – vital for food industry
Maintain order and efficiency with partitions
Transparency important for health and safety

Industrial Doors

Industrial “doors” are often favoured over the more lightweight option of PVC curtains for a number of different

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reasons, though they can also be used in tandem with PVC curtains to ensure the maximum level of temperature regulation and protection from the outside is provided. Industrial doors are heavy-duty, giving your building the highest level of strength and protection. Due to their strength they are extremely durable to damage, and are valued especially for being long-lasting, ensuring you get great value for your money. What sets industrial doors apart from PVC curtains is that they come in a great range of styles, forms, sizes and strengths, so you have a great range of doors to pick from to best suit your requirements. If you require a lighter door that can be opened and close quickly due to the high amount of traffic in and out of your building, industrial doors give you a sturdier and more secure door than PVC curtains, which are very lightweight in material. Industrial doors are also perfect for providing access to very large openings. Many industrial businesses that deal in very large goods, such as cars or heavy machinery, require a very large entrance and exit to their building. Industrial doors can be made large enough to cover such a wide space whilst maintaining their integrity in strength and protection.

What are industrial doors?

There are a wide variety of industrial doors to fit the differing needs of the many industrial businesses in the world. Some require heavy duty industrial doors for maximum protection and security, whereas other need a lighter and more flexible door that can open and close quickly. Most industrial doors ensure an airtight seal is kept with the outside, making them a more popular option in this area than PVC curtains, which do not provide perfect protection from the outside weather. This is important for many industrial businesses that must regulate the temperature of their workplace. It is vital for food processing plants to maintain a very specific level of temperature to keep their food products fresh and protected from spoilage. For other industrial buildings, maintaining a warm environment for their workers is important; industrial doors are excellent insulators, helping to regulate the temperature as well as saving your business a large amount in expensive energy bills. They keep a much tighter seal than PVC

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curtains, justifying their more expensive price in the long-term. Industrial doors are generally more reliable, sturdy and durable doors than PVC curtains. Many businesses want to ensure the maximum level of security is kept for their building; there are no better doors for the job than heavy-duty industrial doors. They are extremely resistant to damage and have a very long product life. Once you install an industrial door, it will last you for years and years, giving you a reliable and durable door that will last for a long time. This endears them to many businesses who want to see value for their money.

Are industrial doors right for me?

Consider the points below to

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see whether industrial doors are right for you and your business:


  • Extremely strong and durable to damage
  • Ensure the maximum level of security and protection for your business
  • Reliable and long-lasting – lasting impact for your money
  • Excellent insulators – saves you countless amounts on energy bills
  • Suitable for covering wide spaces in large-goods industries


Click here for more information on industrial curtains (industrial doors)