How can Industrial Curtains reduce costs?

Reducing Costs with industrial curtains

There are many ways industrial curtains can reduce costs of a business’s outgoings, both in general terms and indirectly through saving money on energy bills. With the current economic climate being what it is, almost everyone is looking for ways to reduce their budget. Often this can mean cutting staff, lowering advertising budgets and many more unsavoury and unproductive adjustments. This doesn’t

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necessarily have to be the case though, there are many ways of saving money through conserving energy through methods such as using energy efficient bulbs for lighting, ensuring doors close automatically to avoid wasting heat and paying closer attention to expensive outgoings including air-conditioning and heating. Of course these are only a small proportion of the changes you could make and not all of them are suitable or even achievable for some businesses. This is where industrial curtains can come in very handy.

Industrial curtains within the manufacturing sector

It is very difficult for most people to even fathom the cost of energy bills in commercial premises such as warehouses, storehouses and factories. Huge wide open spaces, very little insulation and often single glazed windows cause the cost of running the premises to skyrocket even without taking into account any heavy machinery and electrical appliances. Industrial curtains have become almost a necessity in these kinds of premises as they allow quick and easy access from each side while acting as a partition wall. Often in warehouses and factories the large space is split into sections in order to provide different environments for different aspects of the business. These are usually created using meal sheeting to create a partition wall, with large open access ways for small vehicles like forklifts and pallet trolleys. These large gaps in the partition mean that heat disperses very quickly from area to area, which is especially frustrating and costly when the two rooms have different ambient temperatures.

Industrial PVC Curtains

How are industrial curtains made?

Industrial Curtains are made from individual long and narrow sheets of transparent PVC, which when hung form a seamless curtain which has incredible insulation properties. Industrial Curtains are a great insulator of heat, which means when placed in an access way such as the ones required in a partition wall you can maintain a different ambient temperature each side of the curtain. This means that you can keep products that require a different storage temperature to be kept together in the same warehouse while still having full and unrestricted access. Even if this is not a requirement for your products, the energy saving potential of having an industrial curtain makes it a great investment for saving money in the longer term, though the benefits will be seen from the moment the curtain is installed.

Insulated Doors vs Industrial PVC Curtains

Some of you may be asking why you wouldn’t opt for an insulated door rather than a PVC curtain? Well first of all the cost of a physical door and the installation is pretty high when compared to an Industrial Curtain, so immediately the PVC curtain comes out on top. Not only this but if you have a manual physical door then you have the issue of opening and closing the door, which wastes a lot of time for the operators of small vehicles so decreasing efficiency and productivity. Also you have the issue of the time it takes to open and close the door will already have allowed a fair amount of heat to disperse. Automatic doors are also an option, although as you might imagine if a manual door costs significantly more than an Industrial Curtain, an automatic one may just break the bank. On top of this an automatic door would open to the full extent of the gap in the partition thus causing heat to disperse.

Outdoor PVC Curtains

Installation of Industrial PVC Curtains

With an Industrial Curtain the strips of PVC are heavy and flexible enough to fall together without any gaps, but still light enough for a small vehicle or pedestrian to push through with very little effort. As such it would only have a gap the size of the object passing through it, leaving very little space for the heat to disperse. Due to the weight of the PVC

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strips the Industrial Curtain actually returns to the correct position in a matter of seconds, quicker than even an automatic door. There is another aspect that should also be mentioned here, that being the installation time and cost of the different options. The installation of an industrial curtain takes very little time at all and is pretty straightforward. Unlike any kind of door there are much fewer complications that can arise in hanging. The installation is very quick and will hardly effect your day to day business, which could not be said about installing an automatic or even manual door.

Benefits of industrial curtains

Another long term benefit of industrial curtains is the low level of maintenance required. As they are made from PVC, the strips are strong and durable so they will rarely sustain any damage even when in constant use. If something was to damage a strip or two then they can be replaced very easily. As each strip of PVC is a separate piece of the curtain, the strips affected can be switched in a matter of minutes. If anything goes wrong with a door, whether automatic

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or manual, the cost, waiting time and re-installation time will be a pretty hefty ordeal.

The only maintenance consideration with the industrial curtain is maintaining visibility on both sides for health and safety reasons. This simply involves wiping down the sheets of PVC every so often as required. If the industrial curtain was for a commercial premises dealing with food then the curtain would need cleaning daily, but that’s still pretty low maintenance.

Final note on reducing costs with industrial curtains

So if you are looking for a way to save some money without making cutbacks, an Industrial Curtain could be a good solution to this problem. Industrial curtains are generally provided in stock sizes for premises such as warehouses and storehouses, however they can also be made to fit should you require a specific size. For more information on sizing and types of plastic curtain, you can view our range of PVC Curtains on our home page.

Plastic Door Curtains

Plastic Door Curtains: Introduction

Plastic Door Curtains are used for a number of purposes in both industrial and commercial businesses. Plastic Door Curtains are long, flexible sheets of PVC which hang together to create an insulating curtain between two areas within a room or building. PVC is the most suitable material for these industrial and commercial curtains because of its flexibility, but also because of its strength and durability. They come in almost any size and can be made to measure with very little difficulty and fitting takes up a lot less time than alternative solutions. So what other benefits do Plastic Door Curtains provide?

Plastic Door Curtains are inexpensive

First of all Plastic Door Curtains are relatively inexpensive to make and fit, which makes them a popular choice for many companies looking to save on expenditure. Not only that, but in industrial buildings such as warehouses and workshops they can be used to partition sections of the building for specific purposes, while still maintaining ease of access. Warehouses especially have to have this ease of access to allow vehicles like forklifts, lollops and trolleys to move around without hindrance. In a commercial premises like a restaurant a Plastic Door Curtain may provide ease of access from the kitchen to the front of house.

Plastic Door Curtain Uses

PVC Door Curtains have another purpose which makes them ideal for nearly any opening that requires insulation from draughts, noise, light or even airborne pests and other insects. Plastic Door Curtains

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maintain a high visibility level despite their thermal properties. This means they are pretty essential for any opening which requires a partition, but is frequently used by pedestrians, small vehicles or both. In these areas that require strict health and safety regulations, Plastic Door Curtains are the cheapest and most effective solution.

Warehouse Plastic Door Curtains

Plastic Door Curtains are ideal for situations where both sides of a partition need a different ambient temperature, but access is still required. In a warehouse this might be to separate chilled goods, not only would a Plastic Door Curtain provide a thermal barrier between the two areas, but also help to maintain a constant temperature even when in use. This is because the PVC sheets return to their place in the curtain within a few seconds, so there is less time for air to

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disperse. If this barrier is used by forklifts or lollops then it also improves efficiency through saving time opening and closing a physical doorway.

Plastic Door Curtains and the commercial sector

In a commercial setting Plastic Door Curtains would more often be used for insulating against noise. In a takeaway restaurant this might be between the kitchen and the customers eating area, in order to improve your customer’s general experience with your business. Also being under the watchful eye of your customers can put unnecessary pressure on staff, which a curtain would eliminate from the equation. Plastic Door Curtains might also be used to combat noise pollution in an industrial setting, for instance if the building is used for more than one purpose, such as operating heavy machinery alongside a manual production line.

Plastic Door Curtains in a warehouse

More often in a warehouse, PVC Door Curtains are

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used to separate areas which use intense bright lights like spot welding. These Plastic Welding Curtains conform to health and safety guidelines in order to contain dangerous work environments. The Plastic Door Curtains act as a safety barrier between bright lights and members of staff who are not required to wear safety eyewear but work in the same building. They also help to safely contain any sparks or other hazards that may arise as a result these kinds of tools.

Plastic Door Curtains can also be used to protect areas from adverse weather conditions. Many premises, whether they are commercial or industrial, will have an area dedicated to loading and unloading shipments. Goods will often be loaded on and off shipping vehicles using forklifts and trolleys. The PVC curtain will protect the goods from precipitation, but also stop it from entering the building when the entrance is in use. Due to the way in which the curtain falls together, it provides a gapless barrier from pests and other insects and rodents, making it the perfect addition to a premises which processes or handles food. Plastic door curtains can also be used in restaurants that offer al-fresco dining, in order to insulate the indoor area while still maintaining a safe and easy throughway for kitchen staff.

Final note on plastic door curtains

Plastic Door Curtains are very quick to install and require very little maintenance. You can rest assured business will hardly be affected during the installation process and once installed, the PVC strips require varied washing intervals depending on intended use. Plastic Door Curtains are very durable and so replacements and repairs are rarely required. Because each strip of PVC is a separate part of the curtain, they are incredibly easy and quick to replace when it is necessary. If you are looking for a Plastic Door Curtain please contact us for a quote.

Industrial Plastic Curtains

Introduction to Industrial Plastic Curtains

Warehouses are used for a number of jobs here in the UK. Very often they are used by companies for producing products, storing products, sorting and packing products ready for shipping. These vast buildings are perfect for the job they are intended for, providing space, easy access and low running costs for many companies. If a warehouse is set up in the correct manner, it can provide storage for all sorts of products from heavy machinery, packaged foodstuffs, frozen meat and even document archives.


Due to the sheer size of warehouses, transporting your products around is nice and simple too. With tools such as forklifts and lollops, the pallet can simply be lifted and moved around wide walk spaces, from one place to the next, or one warehouse to another.

How Industrial

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Plastic Curtains Can Help

So what happens if you want to store frozen meat and packaged foodstuffs together in the same warehouse? Both of these products requires a different ambient temperature, to split up the warehouse with partitions means you cannot easily move around your products from one place to the next without the trouble of opening doors which, unless they are large doors which let out all the heat, your forklift and lollops won’t fit through. A dilemma?

Industrial Plastic Curtains are made to combat this exact issue. So what are Industrial Plastic Curtains? They are long, weighty strips of PVC which fall together perfectly to block the throughway of air between warehouse partitions. Generally they take the place of a large door, heavy enough to keep their place within the curtain, but light enough to push through without too much effort. They are ideal for those large doorways which are frequently used by forklifts and other small goods transportation vehicles, as they give way for the vehicle to pass through and fall back into place within seconds. Much quicker and less hassle than an actual door, meaning less heat dispersion between the two partitioned sections of your warehouse.

Industrial Plastic Curtains styles, sizes and colours

Industrial Plastic Curtains come in a variety of styles and colours depending on their intended use. Smaller, narrower strips of PVC can be used for smaller doors which do not require vehicle access but still require the temperature partition. If the door is used regularly by forklifts then clear PVC would be essential to ensure visibility of obstructions and staff members on both sides of the curtains. If you need to colour coordinate different partitions within the same warehouse, coloured PVC can be used to create your Industrial Plastic Curtain. If, for instance, one area of your warehouse is used for welding, black PVC curtains could be used to help combat health and safety considerations for staff who are not required to wear protective eyewear.

The industrial plastic curtain and temperature control

Temperature control is not the only issue that might require some Industrial Plastic Industrial Plastic Curtains PolargradeCurtains. They can also be used to block out noise from other areas of your warehouse. Due to the sheer size of some warehouses, it is not uncommon for two or more businesses

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to share the same premises. Using Industrial Plastic Curtains you could have two completely different companies renting out the space, even if one involves heavy machinery and the other is production line packaging.

These PVC Curtains can also be used for entrances and exits to your building or warehouse, usually in the goods in and out section of your company. They can help to protect against bad weather conditions, allowing the goods to be on and offloaded simply, without the weather affecting the interior of the building.


Warehouses are just one example of how Industrial Plastic Curtains can make a big difference on the efficiency of a business, day to day. There are of course many other businesses that could benefit from these PVC dividers. Takeaway restaurants and café’s may utilise these curtains to separate the kitchen from the front of shop, in order to improve the customer experience and general hygiene of the restaurant.

Industrial Plastic Curtains require low maintenance

The best thing about Industrial Plastic Curtains is their simple maintenance requirements. Each strip just needs a thorough wipe down when necessary, depending on their use this can range from daily to infrequently.

Final note on industrial plastic curtains

The PVC strips are easy and cheap to replace, so if for some reason you need to change a few strips, this can be done with very little effort. Because they are so quick and easy to assemble and install, you can be assured that business won’t be slowed by much, if at all. Whatever your requirements Industrial Plastic Curtains should be a consideration for all of your segregation needs. Industrial Plastic Curtains can be stock curtains or made to measure for more specific requirements, so please contact us for a quote today.

Industrial Door Curtains

Introduction to Industrial Door Curtains

Industrial buildings like warehouses have always primarily been used for storage of goods or machinery, often housing workshops and packing plants. In a bid to utilise space efficiently or to cut down on premises costs very often warehouses and other industrial buildings are shared by more than one business. It is not unusual for these companies to need different environments to carry out their business, different ambient temperatures or noise output. To keep the two areas separate, warehouses are often partitioned into segments in order to accommodate for these varied requirements, so how do you provide easy access between these sections while still providing the right environments?

Outdoor Industrial Door Curtains

Industrial Door Curtains are one very simple and efficient way of dealing with the issues that can arise as a result of these different requirements. So what are Industrial Door Curtains? Essentially they are strips of PVC that assemble together to form what looks quite like a large blind. The PVC is heavy enough so that when hanging, they stay in place forming a thermal and noise suppressing barrier, but are light enough so they can be pushed through without too much effort. This simple PVC curtain is a quicker and more efficient than a manual door and considerably cheaper than an automated alternative.

PVC Industrial Door Curtains also have many uses when it comes to reducing light emissions from welding torches and other bright lights. Welding curtains conform to health and safety standards and so are ideal for protecting staff that might walk past the area although they are not required to wear protective eyewear or clothing. The acoustic insulation properties of these curtains are great for reducing noise pollution in other areas of the building. They are also a great addition to loading bays to protect the inside of the building and your goods from adverse weather conditions. The clear plastic acts as a barrier, so even when goods

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are pushed through onto the transport vehicle, they will still stay relatively safe from most weather conditions.

Industrial Door Curtains sizing and styles

Industrial Door Curtains come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on their intended use. As many warehouses require easy access for small vehicles like forklifts and trolleys, it is often the case that physical doors are not

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really a suitable option. Industrial Door Curtains provide excellent acoustic and temperature insulation and because they fall back into place in a mere couple of seconds, they are the best way to maintain this insulation even when in frequent use. They are ideal for food processing plants and factories as they help to contain airborne pests.

Where can Industrial Door Curtains be used?

Industrial Door Curtains can also be used in places like workshops, where cutting and sanding of wood and other materials is done in the same place as painting and varnishing. The PVC curtains would prevent the transfer of dust from one part of the workshop and ensure all of your products can be finished to the highest standard.

Clear, flexible PVC is often the most popular choice for Industrial Door Curtains, because of its transparent properties. If a doorway is used all the time, then visibility is of the utmost importance. The clear plastic has a high transparency and so fits regulations for health and safety precautions in the workplace. To maintain visibility the Industrial Door Curtain should be cleaned regularly, but requires little other maintenance than that. The amount of cleaning and maintenance varies depending on the intended use. As each strip is an individual part of the curtain, should any damage occur to one or two strips, then replacing them is quick and simple, but also very cheap. PVC Door Curtains are durable and long lasting, so generally any repairs and replacements are few and far between.

Despite what the name suggests Industrial Door Curtains are not only suitable for industrial businesses. They can also be used in commercial and retail premises such as cafés and restaurants so that the kitchen and the eating areas are kept separate, improving your service to your customers by positively increasing their overall experience. Less noise from the workplace for the customers, less pressure for the staff. In restaurants that have al-fresco dining, these PVC curtains allow a safe and easy throughway for staff and customers alike, while managing any airborne pests and insects much more effectively than a door or doorway.

Final Note on Industrial Door Curtains

Industrial Door Curtains are cost

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effective and simple to install, which is why they are increasingly popular in a great variety of different environments. As the installation takes relatively little time, you can be assured business will only be slowed a little, if at all. Curtains can be provided in stock sizes or as bespoke curtains made to measure, so please contact us today for a quote.

PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC vertical blinds to match your room

PVC vertical blinds are available in many different colours and shades so that they perfectly match or compliment your existing interior design. They are stylish, modern and minimalistic and their simple nature means that they are unlikely to go out of fashion. PVC vertical blinds look incredibly stylish and professional looking; they are both sleek and professional. The wide range of colours available means that your PVC vertical blinds can either be a subtle

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addition to the room or a striking feature if chosen in a bold shade. The vertical stripes which the PVC vertical blinds create will transform your space, they can make the ceiling look higher, just as they can make people look taller, and they can make the room look larger by letting in more light.

PVC vertical blinds – the height of practicality

PVC vertical blinds are incredibly practical. The solid PVC slats are easy to clean individually without having to take them down. This

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means that you will not have to suffer without curtains or window coverings whilst they are being cleaned. The PVC vertical blinds are also waterproof, therefore they will not attract mould or bacteria that like to live in damp locations. PVC vertical blinds can therefore be installed in rooms where water is used frequently such as kitchens and bathrooms where fabric vertical blinds would not be suitable. This waterproof quality also means that the blinds can be incredibly hygienic and sanitary if cleaned regularly. This makes them perfect for hospitals or care homes where hygiene is of huge importance. PVC vertical blinds are also fantastic for rental properties or hotels as well as homes since they are robust enough to withstand use by many people and they can be cleaned so easily in between guests.

PVC vertical blinds can be angled to suit you

You are able to tilt the PVC vertical blinds to allow different amounts of light to filter through. The tilting facility of the vertical blinds also offers the perfect compromise between retaining privacy and

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letting in light. Where PVC curtains only allow your room to be lit fully or for the light to be blocked out completely, PVC vertical blinds allow every step in between being fully open or closed. The angle of the individual slats also means that light can be reflected into the room as well as being letting in through the gaps. This means that the room in question will be even lighter without the addition of artificial lighting, which could even save you money on electricity bills.

PVC vertical blinds won’t cost an arm and a leg

Perhaps most importantly, PVC vertical blinds are perfectly affordable. They can be altered to fit your specific doors or windows without the hefty cost of an alteration or tailoring service. PVC vertical blinds are also incredibly durable, they are robust and hardwearing meaning that you will have to replace them less often. And if the time does come where part of your PVC vertical blinds does break, the individual slats can be purchased and replaced instead of having to change the blinds as a whole.

PVC Sheeting Roll

PVC sheeting roll, also known as PVC curtains, can provide a number of excellent benefits to the businesses that use them. They are popular in the industrial sector, being very versatile in their application and fulfilling a number of important functions. The sheeting roll is composed of the material “PVC”, a lightweight and flexible material that allows it to possess a number of useful qualities for a business. PVC sheeting roll is often used to create a flexible cover for open doorways; by covering up the open space, the PVC curtains help a business in many ways. One of these is to maintain a temperature of a building by insulation, and protecting it from the weather outside. This is of vital importance to the food manufacturing industry: in order to keep their food produce fresh and free from spoilage, a chilled temperature must be maintained. Without PVC sheeting roll, the building would be constantly exposed to the outside weather. This not only saves their food from spoiling, but saves them a significant amount of money on expensive air-conditioning.

What can PVC sheeting roll be used for?

PVC sheeting roll has multiple uses, making

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it a very popular choice for a number of different areas of business. PVC curtains are often used to cover up an open space or doorway in a building; due to their flexibility, they allow people to pass through them

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almost seamlessly, without the effort required of opening and closing a door. For businesses with high traffic in and out of their building, or those that deal in heavy objects, this is an extremely useful function. PVC sheeting roll is significantly cheaper to acquire than a heavy duty door, as well

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as being much easier to install. PVC curtains can also be used to create partitions in an area, so an area can be turned into a number of different rooms to separate different areas of business. This helps maintain order and efficiency within the workplace; for the businesses that operate loud machinery, having these partitions also helps dampen the noise of the machinery, giving other areas of the workplace peace and quiet. It also helps that PVC sheeting roll is transparent, for two main reasons. Firstly, it enables those passing through to see any oncoming people from the other side; for workplaces where dangerous objects or heavy goods are handled, this is very important to health and safety in averting any potential accidents. The other utility of this transparency is that the PVC curtains allow natural light to enter into your workplace, saving you a lot of money on costly energy bills as well as refreshing the environment with natural light.

Where can I find PVC sheeting roll?

With the rise of e-commerce, many businesses have taken to the internet to sell PVC sheeting roll. There is a wide variety of sheeting roll available, so you can find the right size and shape to suit your needs. Once you have chosen your PVC sheeting roll, the company will arrange for it to be delivered right to your front door.

Why do I need PVC sheeting roll?

Consider the points below, and see if PVC sheeting roll is right for you:

Ease of entry and exit between areas – important for heavy-goods industries
Regulates temperature – saves money on energy bills
Keeps out insects and unwanted wildlife – vital for food industry
Maintain order and efficiency with partitions
Transparency important for health and safety

Industrial Doors

Industrial “doors” are often favoured over the more lightweight option of PVC curtains for a number of different

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reasons, though they can also be used in tandem with PVC curtains to ensure the maximum level of temperature regulation and protection from the outside is provided. Industrial doors are heavy-duty, giving your building the highest level of strength and protection. Due to their strength they are extremely durable to damage, and are valued especially for being long-lasting, ensuring you get great value for your money. What sets industrial doors apart from PVC curtains is that they come in a great range of styles, forms, sizes and strengths, so you have a great range of doors to pick from to best suit your requirements. If you require a lighter door that can be opened and close quickly due to the high amount of traffic in and out of your building, industrial doors give you a sturdier and more secure door than PVC curtains, which are very lightweight in material. Industrial doors are also perfect for providing access to very large openings. Many industrial businesses that deal in very large goods, such as cars or heavy machinery, require a very large entrance and exit to their building. Industrial doors can be made large enough to cover such a wide space whilst maintaining their integrity in strength and protection.

What are industrial doors?

There are a wide variety of industrial doors to fit the differing needs of the many industrial businesses in the world. Some require heavy duty industrial doors for maximum protection and security, whereas other need a lighter and more flexible door that can open and close quickly. Most industrial doors ensure an airtight seal is kept with the outside, making them a more popular option in this area than PVC curtains, which do not provide perfect protection from the outside weather. This is important for many industrial businesses that must regulate the temperature of their workplace. It is vital for food processing plants to maintain a very specific level of temperature to keep their food products fresh and protected from spoilage. For other industrial buildings, maintaining a warm environment for their workers is important; industrial doors are excellent insulators, helping to regulate the temperature as well as saving your business a large amount in expensive energy bills. They keep a much tighter seal than PVC

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curtains, justifying their more expensive price in the long-term. Industrial doors are generally more reliable, sturdy and durable doors than PVC curtains. Many businesses want to ensure the maximum level of security is kept for their building; there are no better doors for the job than heavy-duty industrial doors. They are extremely resistant to damage and have a very long product life. Once you install an industrial door, it will last you for years and years, giving you a reliable and durable door that will last for a long time. This endears them to many businesses who want to see value for their money.

Are industrial doors right for me?

Consider the points below to

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see whether industrial doors are right for you and your business:


  • Extremely strong and durable to damage
  • Ensure the maximum level of security and protection for your business
  • Reliable and long-lasting – lasting impact for your money
  • Excellent insulators – saves you countless amounts on energy bills
  • Suitable for covering wide spaces in large-goods industries


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What are plastic curtains?

For those who don’t know, which may be the majority of you, plastic curtains are basically what they say on the tin, they are industrial curtains made out of plastic or PVC and are usually used in places such as factories or warehouses. They could be compared with window curtains used in homes up and down the country as both blinds and plastic curtains hang in strips and are used to separate rooms or add a bit of privacy as well as a certain amount of insulation for the room. PVC curtains can however be hung in doorways or openings in walls rather than just in windows and they are also made from a much heavier, durable material which retains a lot more heat in the building than normal window curtains and that of course makes savings in heating bills, making PVC curtains are good value for money choice.

The main advantage of using PVC curtains is their unique way of combining the ability to keep a room fairly warm or act as a sort of draught excluder whilst also allowing easy access through the doorway for people and vehicles, which makes them perfect for any doorway which is in heavy use, particularly doorways which are used often and lead to an outdoor area, which need some sort of heat kept in the building.

Where are plastic curtains used?

As I have already said, the unique ability of plastic curtains to act as a sort of draught excluder whilst still allowing easy access through the doorway or opening and so they are often used in places and doorways which are regularly used but require some privacy or separation as well as a bit of heat retention. Places such as warehouses, factories and lorry loading or unloading bays are perfect places for PVC curtains because they are obviously regularly used by employees and by vehicles such as forklift trucks or trolleys but because these

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places are often quite open, some heat retention is also very useful.

You may also see plastic doors in use in supermarkets, large shops or even restaurants, supermarkets sometimes use plastic doors to separate the storage or staff room areas of the shop from the actual store while restaurants use plastic doors in their kitchen doorway because of their easy access for waiters and waitresses carrying food into the restaurant, keeping the sounds and privacy of the kitchen in the kitchen.
Plastic curtains are also a cost effective choice, they are reasonably priced in the first place to install but their real value for money comes from their continued use and savings they generate. Because of their durable, heavy material PVC curtains are a good way of retaining heat in a building which makes savings on the energy bill of keeping a building heated, they are also very low maintenance once installed and so it really is a one off cost which makes savings every year they are in use. For more information on

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Why Your Business Should Have PVC Curtains

Origins of the PVC Curtain

Polyvinyl Chloride, often abbreviated to PVC is a type of plastic; the third most widely-produced plastic on the planet. Widely used in industries across the globe, it is often used in construction due to its durability, low-cost and pliability.

One common application of the plastic is to create PVC curtains. Long strips of PVC are hung from above, overlapping side-by-side to create a flexible curtain like structure that allows people or machinery to pass through the curtain with relative ease without disturbing the entire structure. These strips can be altered to fit any size opening, ranging from a shop door to a large warehouse.

Types of PVC Curtain

PVC curtains can be supplied in either heavy or light duty density. Heavier, thicker gauge PVC curtains will be used in areas where machinery such as fork lift trucks will be required to pass through the curtains repeatedly throughout a working day. Light duty PVC curtains will not be as thick and tough as heavy

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duty as they will be suited for use by pedestrians and light traffic. Although differing in their application, both the heavy and light PVC curtains share advantages.

Benefits of a PVC Curtain

The following is a list of the excellent benefits that installing PVC curtains will provide a business:

  • Energy and money saving. Transparent PVC curtains will significantly reduce heat/cold loss from an area as well as making air conditioning more efficient. This effectiveness will mean that less money will need to be spent on energy bills as a result of an in-efficient air conditioning system;
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    instead with the aid of PVC curtains the retaining of heat/cold will result in less energy being used to maintain desired temperatures.

  • Although allowing employees and machinery to pass through with ease, PVC
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    curtains will simply be too heavy for small pests to pass through. The gapless PVC barrier will ensure that small pests such as insects, bird, rodents etc. are unable to pass through, protecting inside from the unwelcome visitors.

  • The gapless overlapping of the PVC curtains, although not airtight, provides a reasonably solid barrier. This barrier will retain noise, dust and pollutants. If used in an environment where high quantities of dust or noxious fumes are being created then PVC curtains will provide an excellent barrier, ensuring the majority of the waste is retained inside the area.
  • The transparency of PVC curtains will allow natural light to pass through, improving workplace safety. Transparent PVC will allow users to see if another worker is approaching the other side of the curtain, be it on foot or while operating machinery; thus ensuring no collisions occur.

All individual advantages offered by PVC curtains are excellent and one advantage alone may be reason enough for a business to install the curtains. Combined they provide the owner with an incredible array of advantages, almost all of them saving the owner money that may have had to be spent on individual products or services to fix the problem.