Where Can I Purchase Clear PVC Door Strips?

When buying clear PVC door strips, especially for commercial use, it is very important that you find the right quality available at the right price. That’s where we come in. We have done the hard work of finding the right suppliers and making good deals on prices, so all you have to do is place your order.

A reliable company

It is always important to know that you can trust the company you are purchasing from. You want the highest possible quality, with good installation and the ability to make contact if you need to. A reliable company gives you the peace of mind that everything will go as planned. So, why should you know that you can rely on us?

  • We have been established for over 40 years in the PVC industry
  • We work with well-established companies and education authorities across the country
  • We have strong technical knowledge about our comprehensive product range
  • We are responsive to all customer queries and have a professional attitude

We certainly know what it takes to make PVC curtains that last and do the job they are needed for, and we are experts in our field.

Clear pvc door strips

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Swift service

The other consideration that many customers are concerned about is getting their products delivered in a timely manner. What is it that makes us quicker than our competition, without losing that quality of service?

  • We offer an instant online quote so that you don’t need to wait for a call or email response
  • We have same day and next day despatch options to help you get your PVC curtains when you are in a hurry
  • We pack our kits to order so that no quality is lost and the PVC curtains do not form a permanent roll – but keep our process system smooth so it still gets out to you on schedule
  • We ensure that our PVC curtains are easy to assemble when you get them – but we also offer an installation service if you want to get it done as quickly as possible
  • If you know what you want and are ready to order, you can choose your options online to make your purchase in a matter of minutes

Variety of products

Another thing to think about is the kind of PVC curtains or door strips you need. Evidently, there are different sizes required for different uses, and door strips may require other options as well. We offer plenty of customisation in the following areas:

  • Size and length of PVC strips
  • Use of hanging strips or strips attached to a rail, depending on your fitting requirements
  • Strip doors ready to hang in a kit, or installed for you on arrival
  • Different colours, including clear, yellow, black, red, and orange
  • Freezer and chiller grade PVC, welder grade, anti-static, and perforated for various uses

No matter what your needs, we have the PVC door strips that will suit you. Get in touch with us today or find your quote online for a quick and easy purchase.

PVC curtain doors for cold storage

When looking to protect your cold storage areas, PVC curtains are the ideal solution. If you are not yet aware of the many benefits of using these curtains, read on: you could save your company a lot of money, as well as improving your health and safety rating. This is everything you need to know about using our PVC curtain doors in cold storage.

Click here for a quote for custom PVC curtains

Click here for a quote for custom PVC curtains

PVC curtain door details

First off, let’s take a look at what kind of PVC curtain doors we supply. Our Polar Grade curtains are:

  • – Suitable for use in chilled areas, freezer rooms, freezer cabinets and refrigerated vehicles
  • – Recommended for use between -15°C and +20°C
  • – Rated to become hard without breaking, known as cold flex, at -33°C
  • – Available in strips of 100mm x 2mm, 200mm x 2mm, 200mm x 3mm, 300mm x 3mm, and 400mm x 4mm
  • – Available in slotted styles for more flexibility, which is very useful for chiller cabinets
  • – Assembled by our team
  • – Installed by our team nationwide, or supplied ready for you to install yourself
  • – We also stock PVC strip door kits for standard size doors which you can purchase online and have delivered to your door.


Now that you know what our Polar Grade PVC strips are like, why should you choose them? Well, the advantages of using PVC in cold storage are numerous.

First of all, you won’t believe what a difference they make in terms of temperature control. Your heating and cooling bills will be drastically reduced, as full coverage of PVC strips stops cold air from leaking out of the cold storage as much.

Not only that, but other things will find it hard to get through the curtains as well: noise, smells, and even insects or vermin can all be contained or repelled by the use of strip curtains. The strips are light enough to be easily pushed aside by human hands, but heavy enough to form a solid block against all of these things until they are moved.

They are also very flexible, which makes them easier for use in an area where employees may be busy and rushing. You can push them aside any way that is convenient, even one-handed whilst carrying other items.

PVC is very easy to keep clean, as you can simply wipe it down to remove all traces of dirt and bacteria. This is hugely useful in cold storage, which often contains food products. You can vastly improve your health and safety and cleanliness ratings by replacing traditional doors with PVC curtain doors.

Another health and safety aspect of PVC is that it is clear, meaning that you can see through it. This can help to prevent collisions and accidents, and also save time. This can be a great advantage in factories or warehouses where vehicles and pedestrians share the same passages.


Our new range of crash doors

If you have an area with heavy traffic, our new range of crash doors is going to be perfect for your business. Increasing safety, helping to control the passage of heat and air, and allowing for a clearly visible passageway, they will improve the situation no matter where you place them.

What are they?

PVC crash doors are doors which swing open easily when you want to pass through them. Made of PVC, or with PVC panelling, they allow you to see to the other side through the transparent material before you step through. You may well have seen crash doors before, in areas such as hospitals, warehouses, factories, or supermarkets. They are often used anywhere there is a need to move quickly from one area to another, but where there is also a need to keep the inside protected from the outside world in some way.

Single panel pvc crash door

Single panel crash door

Who needs them?

Crash doors are used in a wide range of industries, and as such there are many businesses which might need to use them. Here are some examples:

  • Supermarkets or wholesalers – they can be used to control passage from storage rooms into public areas, to keep freezer areas cool, and to control the air coming in from outside the store
  • Cold stores – whether in a retail area or a manufacturing plant, crash doors can help to regulate the temperature and save money on cooling bills
  • Warehouse industrial units – to control traffic, noise pollution, and temperature between different areas of the warehouse, crash doors are also hugely important for health and safety
  • Food preparation areas – a must-have for controlling contaminants and temperatures
  • Factories – putting up crash doors next to noisy lines can control noise pollution for the rest of the factory, and you can also use them to control passage of forklifts and other vehicles around pedestrian areas
  • Pharmaceutical units – great for creating a barrier between the public area and the store room, which may need to be cooled to a certain temperature
  • Hospitals & healthcare – perfect for pharmaceutical areas as above, but also for controlling passage into different areas such as wards

What are the benefits?

If you are one of the businesses above, or another business with a similar set-up, you might be wondering what crash doors can do for you. Here is a list of the benefits that they can provide:

  • Preventing of draughts or heat loss in warm areas to save on heating bills
  • Keeping cool areas cool to save on cooling bills
  • Minimising noise pollution
  • Slowing down traffic and providing a barrier between pedestrian and vehicle areas
  • Allowing for passage between two areas with good visibility on both sides before passing through
  • Better value for money than other door solutions
  • Easy to wipe clean – fantastic for hospitals or food preparation areas where contamination must be avoided
  • Built to last – PVC is durable and tough
  • Allowing for quick passage between two areas, without needing to open a handle or press a button
  • Both pedestrians and vehicles such as forklifts can pass through

We make sure to choose the best possible quality PVC at all times so that you never have any problems with your crash doors, but we also regulate our suppliers carefully to ensure that you can get the lowest possible cost. This means that you, as the customer, get the best quality at the lowest price – something that we always pride ourselves on. When you’re ready to order your PVC crash doors, simply get in touch, and we will offer fast delivery on a product that suits your needs completely.

Increase safety in the workplace with PVC curtains

Health and safety is hugely important in the workplace, both as an employer and for your employees. PVC curtains can help you to increase safety levels, and also aid with putting correct procedures into place. If you are wondering how, here is a full explanation of the ways PVC curtains can increase your workplace safety.

Create boundaries between areas

A PVC curtain can serve as a physical reminder that an employee is stepping from one area of the workplace to another. For example, if you are often loading lorries from your warehouse, you will want one area where the lorries load up, another where products are stored before being loaded, and perhaps another where items are manufactured or packaged. Each of those areas would require a different level of safety.

Passing through a PVC curtain can remind an employee that they need to switch into different safety equipment, such as a hi-vis coat or a hard hat. It can also remind them that one area is for foot traffic while another is for forklifts and other vehicles. It could even remind them not to overstep the boundaries and go into an area that they do not have authorisation for.

Slow down traffic

If you do have forklifts and foot traffic moving in the same areas, it is very important that traffic is controlled and kept to a maximum speed limit. You can help to slow down traffic by installing PVC curtains at important junctures.

In order to pass through the curtains safely, the forklift driver will need to slow down. Because of the transparency of the PVC, they will be able to look ahead and avoid any pedestrians coming towards them. This helps to keep traffic flow to a minimum and reduce speed at points where collisions might be more likely.

Because the PVC necessitates slowing down, it can even help in areas where employees are found to regularly flout your current safety regulations, such as slowing down, using lights, or using noise alerts on the vehicle. It is an extra measure which must be observed even when all others are ignored.

Prevent cross-contamination

If you have products such as foodstuffs in your workplace which must be protected, PVC curtains will help to prevent cross-contamination from other areas. You can use them as barriers for a door to the outside, as well as separating production areas from packing areas and from loading areas. Each extra layer of PVC curtains means it is much less likely for contamination of any kind to pass through.

Insects, rodents and other vermin, hot or cold air, smells, and even sounds can be kept at bay by PVC curtain installations. While they are not complete barriers, they will help to reduce the passage of contaminants whilst still keeping it easy for employees to pass from one area to another.

No matter what kind of workplace you are running, PVC can certainly help to increase safety in a number of different ways.

Keep food hygiene 5 star with PVC door curtains

If you are in the food industry in any capacity, you will need to adhere to strict hygiene rules. This is no surprise to those who deal with food daily, but keeping up standards on a daily basis can be difficult. You can improve your protocols and keep your food hygiene at a five-star level by using PVC door curtains – and here’s how.

PVC Door curtainsSeparating food and non-food storage

One of the ways in which you can use PVC curtains is to create a boundary between food and non-food storage. Because of the flexible yet heavy nature of the curtains, it will be easy for you or your employees to reach through the curtains, or to walk for them, in order to access the food. However, they form an effective barrier which prevents contamination coming over from the non-food side.

Make sure that you keep the curtains closed tightly at all times when the storage is not being accessed. This will help the curtains to work more efficiently. It is also essential that you measure your space properly in order to get the exact right fit when installing the curtains.

Keep out pests

If you have your food storage in an area which has contact with the outside world, for example near an open door or window, you will need to be concerned about pests. This can include flying or crawling insects, and even rodents such as wild rats or mice. Pests can easily access your food if it is not covered in any way.

The PVC curtains, while easy for a human to move, are too heavy to be moved by insects or rodents. This means that they will not be able to pass through and get to the food inside the curtains. If you are concerned about pests, be sure to clean your curtains regularly in case of contamination on the outside where pests have been. It’s very easy to clean the curtains – you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe down the PVC. The smooth material means that dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Maintain correct temperatures

Food hygiene can also be compromised if produce is not kept at the right temperatures. Too hot, and it could spoil easily. Too cold, and you may end up with freezer burn or find your liquids congealing. It’s important to maintain the right temperature at all times, and you can do this easily with PVC curtains in conjunction with a heating or cooling unit.

The use of PVC curtains cuts down on the amount of hot or cold air traveling through the barrier, thus making it easy to keep temperatures the same. Not only will this cut down on the chance of food spoiling, but it will also save your energy bill by making your systems more efficient.

Why are PVC strip doors essential when retaining heat

PVC Strip Curtains

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Retaining heat is a big concern in a lot of businesses

Especially where you have a large area to work with, such as in a warehouse, it can be a real struggle to keep heat where you need it. Here’s why you should be looking at PVC strip doors as an essential purchase.

Why should you use PVC curtains rather than normal doors / doorways?

First off, let’s have a look at what happens when you use a normal door to fill in the gap. This will normally be kept closed, which is all well and good. However, in a busy working environment, it is likely that you will have employees coming in and out of the space often. This means that the door will be opened and closed frequently.

Every time the door opens, some of the heat escapes. This means that a little bit of the energy that you use to create the heat escapes too. Not only does this mean that you will need to use more energy to create more heat, but it also could mean that the overall temperature drops in the meantime. In a controlled environment, this is a huge problem.

With people walking in and out constantly, there may also be times when the door is left open. An employee or visitor could forget to close the door, or may not be aware of how urgently it needs to be closed. When in a rush, it’s certainly possible to push a door to rather than fully closing it. This will leave a gap which will cause problems with heat consistently disappearing over time.

Using PVC strip doors

So, what happens when you use PVC strip doors? Firstly, the doors will be see-through, meaning that people may not need to cross through them as often if they can simply look through. They also don’t have an opening and shutting mechanism – rather, you can slip through between each of the strips if you would like to.

Curtains despatched within 48 hours

Less heat escapes when using the PVC strips, as the material is stronger and will retain the energy inside the room more easily. The “door” will also be open for a much shorter duration of time, which means less energy escaping every time someone enters or leaves the area.

It’s not possible to forget to shut this kind of door, or to accidentally leave the door ajar. As soon as someone has passed through, the strips will fall back into place, regaining the perfect coverage they were providing a moment before.

Overall, far less heat and energy will escape any time someone uses a PVC strip door as opposed to a regular door. When replacing a gap which was not blocked in any way previously, the difference can be phenomenal.


4 essential tips when installing a PVC crash door

Installing a PVC crash door needn’t be difficult – especially when you have these essential tips on hand. Follow them to ensure that your crash door is fitted quickly, easily, and without any flaws.

1. Double-check your measurements

interflex crash doors

interflex crash doors

It’s always essential to check your measurements when ordering any kind of fitting! You have to check, check, and even check again before you are sure that you have noted down the right sizes for your door. If you don’t have the size right, you won’t get a door that fits – and that would be a real shame.

2. Consider your requirements

Think about your needs before you buy your crash door, as you may need to order a different type of PVC or installation depending on your requirements.

  • Do you need the PVC door to be suitable for environments where the temperature is kept below freezing?
  • Is it important for you to be able to slide the door back out of the way at times, or can it be stationary?

This will be essential for getting a PVC crash door that suits your needs exactly.

3. Only buy the best

Make sure that you are buying the best possible quality PVC out there. If you buy something of a lower quality to save money, what you will actually find is that you have to replace it much sooner – so you won’t be saving money at all. We make sure to source the highest quality materials at the lowest price so we can pass those savings on to you.

4. Bring in the professionals

When you’re not sure about installing your PVC, there’s no need to sweat over it – just bring in the professionals who can get the job done properly. We’re happy to come to your location and install your PVC crash doors for you to ensure that everything is done to the quality that you expect.

It couldn’t be easier – just purchase your PVC curtains, make your appointment, and we’ll have it up and ready for use in no time. It’s the best option for those who aren’t experienced in installation themselves.

Why Choose Us For Your PVC Needs

When you need to order PVC curtains, we are the company that you ought to come to. Well, of course we would say that – but there are a lot of reasons why we’re right. Read on to find out exactly why you should be buying your PVC from us.

We allow you to calculate price online

When you want to place an order, it’s important to figure out how much it is going to cost you right away. This allows you to work out the viability of the project and understand whether you need to factor new curtains into your budget.

PVC curtains warehouse

Get an instant online quote now

Most companies will ask for your details and then come back to you via email or by the phone. You don’t have time to wait, and you don’t want to get into a conversation until you are sure that you want to buy. We understand that, so we have made it easy for you to get a price quote online. Just add in your details and see how much it would cost. You can even place your order right there directly from the quote.

We have the best quality for the lowest price

We entered the PVC market because we could see that there was a disconnect between the price of the raw
materials, and the price being offered to customers. We bridged that gap by bringing our prices down lower than the competition, but also ensuring that we had the best quality PVC available. We are not interested in short-changing you. We take pride in offering the best quality materials at a price that makes sense for you.

We have more than 40 years in business

FREE UK delivery

We are not a new start-up, but rather an established name in the business. We have had 40 years of experience behind us, which means that we really know what we are doing.

We have all of the technical expertise and knowhow to ensure that your product reaches you in perfect condition, and we can also answer any questions that you may have about its usage. We offer a reliable and professional service – something that you can see in evidence by the fact that we have been around for so long. With the economic climates that our company has endured, you can understand that we offer only the best, and our existing customer base reflects that!

We can install them for you

If you don’t want to install the curtains yourself, there’s no problem. We have an expert service which is ready and waiting to help you out. We will install the curtains at your location, and we will do it quickly with the best possible quality. There will not be any issues with your PVC after we have set it up for you! We will also get it done with the least possible disruption to your business, so that you aren’t losing money while you wait for us to get the job done.

We have all shapes and sizes available

No matter what kind of PVC curtains you need, we have them. We can fit curtains that will keep out insects, crash doors, and industrial curtains too. Anything that you need, we can create. Just let us know the dimensions that you need and we can cut our PVC to the right size, to order.

We offer quick and easy orders

If you know what you want, it couldn’t be easier to place an order. We offer the options to order online, to contact us by email, or to place an order over the phone. We’re flexible to whatever suits you the best: as the customer, you come first. Our order process is very quick, so you won’t need to take long out of your busy schedule to get the order placed, and you will receive swift confirmation that your order has been received. From there, we strive to get the order ready and delivered to you as quickly as possible. This is all part of our promise to serve you to the best of our abilities.



Inventive Ways to Re-Use Old PVC Strip Curtains

Do you have some old PVC strip curtains which you no longer need? If this is the case, then they are probably just gathering dust. Worse – you might decide to simply throw them away! There are lots of inventive ways in which you can reuse those strip curtains, however, so think about trying one of these out. You’ll soon bring new life to your old PVC, which is durable enough to be used again and again!

Shower curtains

If you hang up your PVC strip curtains on a shower rail, then you will instantly have a new shower curtain. You can hang them up all the way around the bath to create a “wall” which you can easily slip through, and which is nonetheless capable of keeping the floor dry. The heavy curtains won’t let water push them aside, but for you, they will be light enough to move easily. This makes them the perfect material for a shower curtain. Plus, they are already the right length and formation to become a new type of curtain!

Plant markers

If you have a strong pair of scissors and a waterproof marker pen, then your PVC curtains could find a new lease of life in several pieces. First, cut each strip into much smaller pieces which are only a couple of inches wide and 5 or so inches tall at most. Then you can write the name of the plant onto this marker. Push it into the soil beside the plant and it will stay upright. What’s more, this durable plastic won’t succumb to the elements any time soon.

Cat flaps

Ever wanted to make DIY cat flaps? PVC strip curtains can be repurposed for kitty, as they function much in the way that they do for humans: strong enough to keep out cold air and undesirable pests, weak enough for the cat to push through them easily. You can also repurpose large strip curtains for any smaller space by simply cutting them down. They could make a partition in a fridge or freezer, shield a doorway, cover a window which is often left open, or so on.

Upcycled jewellery

You can make something beautiful out of even something as plain as a PVC stip curtain. Just take a look at Etsy, Pinterest, or any other kind of site where makers are sharing their creations. You might be amazed to see what they can come up with! PVC is easy to work with because it is durable, clear, and can be bent into any desired shape. You could turn it into round discs like oversized beads, turn thin strips into materials for weaving or plaiting, or so forth. The sky is the limit so long as you have a little creativity and some jewellery-making tools! If you don’t want to keep it for yourself, you can sell it on to others.

Mini greenhouse

Why not construct a minature greenhouse for your plants to flourish? Use a metal or wooden frame to create the structure, and then hang your PVC strips from the sides. Depending on how small it is, you could use entire strips as walls, or rely on the strong material to create walls made from several strips. This could be a great space to nurture exotic or delicate plants, as well as growing your own vegetables in a controlled environment. You could place it outside in the garden, or store it inside your garage – either way, the PVC will regulate temperature and keep out pests.

Drop cloths

Are you about to redecorate? You need to protect your floors and furniture, and most people would probably recommend using a bedsheet. The problem with this is that you have to ruin a bedsheet to do it! Alternatively, you could use something you already have: your spare PVC strip curtains. Lay them out in such a way that they are tightly fitted next to each other to avoid movement. The best part is that they are easy to clean, so you can still use them again once you have wiped the paint drips away.


There are so many ways to reuse strip curtains which go beyond our list. Don’t limit your creativity!

Where Can I Buy Clear PVC Door Strips

If you are looking for PVC door strips, you may find yourself wondering where you can get them from. If this is your first time needing to buy them, you may have no idea at all. It could also be that you have bought them in the past, but now want a better supplier or a lower price. Either way, you have certainly come to the right place. You can purchase your clear PVC door strips directly from us, as we are about to demonstrate!

PVC doors online quote

Get your quote

First, get your online quote from us using our super-easy system. Click on the button to initiate your quote and start filling in the form which appears. You will need to know the dimensions of the strips that you want, and what type of PVC strip you need. If this all sounds like Greek to you, don’t worry. You will find tips that appear when you hover your mouse over any of the fields in our form. These will show you what each field means, and what you should write into it. You can also choose the type of fixing you require, whether you need tracking, and a few other details. Then enter your email address so that we can contact you with your quote as soon as possible. Press ‘update quote’ to see an instant update of the price that we would quote for your order.

Assess your order

Once you have your quote, you will see that we have the best prices on the market for the quality PVC strips that we provide. You can look over your quote and decide whether you would like to tweak any of the details. You can order a larger size of strips, or change one of the fields that you looked at previously. You don’t have to order straight away – now that we have your email address we can contact you at your convenience to set everything up. Your quote will also be sent to you so that you can easily go back to it later.

Place your order

When you are satisfied with the details, it’s time to place your order. There are two options for this, to make it as easy for you as possible. You can either start your order online right away, or you can choose to order by phone. Either way, all of the details will be right in front of you to make it easier. However you place your order, we can guarantee a fast shipping time as well as good quality PVC made to the size that you requested. If you wanted something that is not on our quote form, then you can also give us a call to discuss things personally and to see whether we can accommodate your request.

So, now you know – whenever you are wondering about where to buy clear PVC door strips, keep us in mind for the best prices and the easiest ordering process!