Why should I be using PVC curtains in the cold weather?

PVC curtains maintain heat

PVC is a great material which sits in just the right place to give us a large number of benefits. It can form an effective barrier and light enough to be brushed aside by someone needing to enter. Some of the things that well-fitted PVC curtains can keep in their own separate spaces are heat, smells, noise, and small bugs and pests.

PVC strip curtains
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Because the plastic curtains fall down to create an effectively sealed doorway, the heat does not transfer through as much as it would in an open space – or even in a doorway where the door was left partially open to allow access. This means that if you have a space where you are constantly moving through to the outside and back again, PVC curtains can be a more effective option than a door.

PVC is durable

The great thing about your curtains being outside is that they won’t show much wear and tear from the environment. PVC is very durable, and is unlikely to pick up much damage as a result of low temperatures. If you choose to go for freezer-grade PVC, you won’t have any problems at all.

Where the rain and cold might cause wooden doors to swell and warp, PVC curtains will remain in the shape that they were when they were installed. They are difficult to damage, and surface scrapes won’t do much at all towards the effectiveness of the material. PVC is very easy to clean as a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will normally do the job, so they are always suitable for the outdoor environment.


Above all of this, you will also want to know what such a handy material costs. This means a much smaller bill if an accident should happen – though it will need to be a pretty big accident to necessitate a replacement!

There is a lot more flexibility in these than getting a solid door, and chances are that they will also cost you less – especially if you are interested in quality products only.

Even though it might not seem like the most obvious solution, PVC is actually fantastic for keeping the cold weather at bay. Your PVC strip curtains won’t mind the wind, rain, and cold – they will keep their place and ensure your heaters don’t have to work too hard to compensate for the entryway.

Will using PVC curtains save money long term?

You might be interested to know whether PVC curtains are a good investment to make. Are you going to save more money over the long term by using these curtains, as opposed to other materials or even a solid door?

The short answer is yes – but if you’re looking for the details, read on to understand exactly how and why.

Reducing your bills

The first big area of saving is going to be in your bills. PVC curtains help to act as a barrier for noise, temperature, smell, and anything else that normally moves along with free movement of the air. Because air doesn’t flow quite as freely through the thick material, this means that you will save on the time and money you normally spend on correcting those problems.

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If you are heating or cooling a room on one side of the barrier, but not the other, then your bills can be reduced dramatically. For example, a refrigerated room used for the cold storage of food can be kept cooler without so much transference of hot air through the entranceway. As the cooling units won’t have to work as hard, your bills will be lower.

Another area in which PVC has an advantage is the fact that it is transparent. This means light can pass through – so having a PVC curtain instead of a solid door means that you won’t be as likely to need to turn the lights on, since natural or electric light will flow from one space into the next.

While noise and smell might not be obvious bill-savers, they can certainly help with reducing the smaller measures that you might undertake. The same is true of the fact that pests are often faced with a barrier to entry in the form of PVC. Not having to buy bug killer or use a fan to circulate smelly air away can also save money along the way.

Staying up for longer

PVC strip curtains are very durable, and can withstand a lot of work both indoors and outdoors. While they might not last as long when exposed to the elements, they will still last a lot longer than some other materials that you might be tempted to go for.

This means that you won’t have to replace them for a good while. Over time, the costing of purchasing and installing your curtains – which is already set at a low price – will seem even more reasonable compared to the alternatives which would require replacing more often. Plus, if you need to replace just one strip from your curtains, you will be able to do this, rather than buying a whole new set just to replace one bit of damage. This is where it really becomes advantageous that there are different strips to deal with rather than one single piece, such as in a door.

Improving safety

PVC curtains can also improve safety in the workplace or even at home, because they provide a barrier that a human being can easily push through without having to open a handle. They’re also see-through, which means you can always see if there is a hazard waiting on the other side.

Reducing the amount of accidents will definitely save you money, as well as limiting downtime and therefore ensuring that your staff operate at full capacity as often as possible. This can be a huge boon for you as a business, and will definitely allow you to save money.

If you are budget-conscious, then PVC curtains are definitely the only way to go. The money you can save over the long run could add up to something really significant!

How can free flow PVC curtains be used in schools?

In order to make schools as safe, fun, and open for learning as possible, it’s sometimes important to try new materials and change the environment. One way to do this is to use PVC curtains to create a free flow play area, where children have access to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Why is free flow important?

Being able to play both indoors and outdoors gives children the chance to grow up with healthier bodies, getting more exercise as well as breathing fresh air and feeling the benefits of natural sunlight. It will also help to stimulate any child’s learning and growth more, as they have different environments to explore. This can help them to develop faster both mentally and socially.

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How can you create a free flow play area?

The common choice for schools is to simply have an open door. This door can be closed when it is raining outside or the children need to focus on indoor lessons, but left open whenever it is fine to play outside.

However, there is a big problem with this option. The open door presents both a hazard and a waste of money. Heat flows outside in the winter, costing huge amounts of money in wasted energy, and cooled air does the same when it gets too hot in the summer. Insects, rodents, and other small pests can also get inside the classroom and therefore the rest of the school, meaning it is not as safe as a classroom with a closed door. On windy days, leaves and litter can blow into the classroom – while pupils’ work can drift out on the breeze.

How do PVC curtains help?

There are a number of great benefits to having PVC curtains installed. They can be placed on the inside of an existing door, rather than having to replace the door completely, so you can still have a closed door when you need to.

Reduce noise and air pollution

They reduce noise and air pollution greatly, stopping smells and shouts from drifting in to distract students when they are supposed to be working. They also serve as a physical barrier which stops insects, small pests, and leaves or litter from coming in and out whenever they would like to. On the other hand, the curtains are also soft and light enough that children can run in and out as much as they like without any problems.

Classroom environments

From a health and safety perspective, PVC curtains can also be very helpful in the classroom environment. Their very nature means that any clumsy children will be safe, as falling into them, walking straight through them, or catching hold of an edge won’t cause any injuries – they will simply give way. They are also easy to clean, with a simple wipe-down with a sponge normally being enough to clear dirt and germs away.

Heat retention

They also, critically, keep heat and cold air from moving too much through the area. While there will still be a minimal amount of heat transfer due to the fact that the doorway is not completely sealed, it will be much less than in  normal circumstances. You also don’t have to rely on children remembering to close a door, as the PVC strips will just fall back into place whenever someone passes through!

For a free flow environment which encourages children to enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors, it doesn’t come much better than PVC strip curtains. They will vastly improve the quality of your pupils’ learning and growth through play.

4 reasons to use PVC curtains & doors in the winter


PVC curtains and doors are useful all year round, but in the winter, they can have particularly helpful applications. Here are the four reasons why you should think about installing PVC strips at your place of work ready for the winter.

1. Heat retention

The big thing you have to deal with in the winter is your heating bill. Whether you have open entranceways or closed doors, you will inevitably face some loss of the heated air that you have paid to warm up. When the door is opened, and particularly when an employee subsequently forgets to close it, the air loss can be rapid. Your heating bill will rise dramatically as a result.

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Click here for a PVC Curtains online quote

With PVC strips, there is a much higher degree of heat retention compared to an open doorway. When someone passes through, the strips fall instantly back into place, which makes it superior to a door as well.

2. Hygiene

With the cold weather in the winter, it’s easier to forget about hygiene. This is still a huge issue in many workplaces, however, and does need to be addressed at all times of year.

PVC curtains help to prevent the spread of germs, and will keep noise pollution to a minimum as a bonus. You can also wipe them clean very easily, which will keep it simple for your hygiene team.

3. Durability

Many materials are simply not cut out for the job of surviving the winter when they are exposed to cold weather. Wooden doors can swell when soaked with water, and repeated freezing can cause many materials to crack.

Freezer-grade PVC is capable of withstanding low temperatures without cracking, changing shape or size, or sustaining any damage. It will still remain flexible and perform as expected when temperatures are low. This makes it perfectly suited for an outwards-facing door or window.

4. Ease of use

If you are realising in the middle of the winter that you need a new door solution, or you need to put in some repairs, then it’s a huge bonus that PVC strips are easy and quick to install. They will arrive with you and be ready to go very soon, so you will have to endure the heat leak for less time.

It’s also very easy to replace the curtains, even if it is only one strip that has been damaged. You can simply detach it and hang a new one right in the same place. It’s as easy as that, and installation couldn’t be quicker. This is a huge benefit when time is of the essence. You also won’t need to replace them often, because of the durability that we explored earlier.

Whatever time of year it may be, installing PVC curtains and windows is a fantastic way to improve your workplace and increase your efficiency in terms of heating and health and safety. In the winter, it’s clear that these steps are even more necessary. Don’t waste time with other solutions which won’t do the same job!

6 signs your PVC curtains are deteriorating

Our PVC curtains are built to last, with high-quality material keeping them going for much longer. Eventually, though, PVC will deteriorate – and it’s important to notice those signs so that you can get it replaced as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait until it’s more of a problem. Here are the signs to watch out for.

Clear PVC strip curtains

PVC strip curtains

1. Nicks, cuts, and scratches

Your PVC curtains are built to stand up to a lot of abuse, but that doesn’t mean that they are impervious to harm. Particularly if they are in regular use, this can build up scratches on the surface of the curtains. These might not be as much of a problem in themselves, although they can cause a build-up of bacteria if they are not properly cleaned. However, when cuts and nicks also start to appear, that’s when it’s time to replace the strips.

2. Cloudy appearance

You should be able to see fairly well through your curtains. Over time, however, the surface of the PVC may become cloudy, making it more difficult to look through. Giving them a good wipe clean may bring them back to their former glory. If the clouding is not dirt, but rather is in the PVC itself, then this is a sign that you will need to replace the whole curtain – and soon, especially for health and safety reasons.

3. Cracks and splits

Most PVC curtains aren’t built for low temperatures, so when using them in freezer units, you should opt for freezer-grade PVC which has been specially treated. If you don’t take this precaution, then your PVC will start to crack and split under the pressure. The cold temperatures basically make it too rigid, which then means it is more vulnerable to breakages. This may also happen when your PVC is reaching the end of its life.

4. Uncleanable dirt

If you can’t get the dirt off your PVC strips, it’s very possible that you have left it too long between cleaning them, resulting in the dirt settling in too much. On the other hand, it could also be that the plastic itself is deteriorating, allowing the dirt to penetrate the outer layers. Either way, if you can’t get it clean, it’s definitely time to order some replacements.

5. Loss of flexibility

One of the great attributes of PVC is how flexible it is. Your PVC curtains will flop and slide out of the way when you walk or drive through them. But if it starts to seem as though they don’t want to bend, and they hang more stiffly, it could be that the PVC has gone through too much stress and you now need to have those strips replaced. If it is an age issue, you will likely see the problem across the whole curtain.

6. Hanging incorrectly

Over time, the PVC may warp and twist in place, particularly if it is subject to repeated motions – such as always being twisted out of the way in one direction and held there for long periods of time. If the strips are no longer hanging in such a way that the PVC curtain is complete, it’s time to get new strips – otherwise you’re losing out on the heat retention and anti-pest properties that the curtains would normally provide.


There are a few signs to look out for that your curtains need replacing, but it’s also easy to keep them going for longer. Use them in the correct environment, clean them regularly, and ensure more careful use – and these signs may not crop up for a long while.

How to increase the lifespan of my pvc curtains


Our PVC curtains are carefully selected from the highest quality materials to ensure that they will last for as long as possible for you. However, even with these measures, you may wish to increase their lifespan. This means you’ll have to replace them less often, saving you money. Here’s how you can ensure that they last as long as possible.

Choose the right curtains

PVC strip door kits

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Not all PVC curtains are created equal. You’re guaranteed the best quality by coming to us, but you should also consider the environment that you will be using them in. Cold stores are a great example of an environment which requires a special grade. PVC has to be treated in a special way in order to withstand lower temperatures. If it doesn’t have this treatment, it will be more likely to crack and break over time.

Install them correctly

We always want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for you to install your curtains, and we can even install them for you. But if you choose to install them yourself, it’s really important that you fit them correctly and get everything hooked up the way that it should be. You can easily contact us for advice, and use our tools and guides to make sure the installation goes smoothly. There are different types of suspension for PVC curtains, so it’s important to get the right one and make no mistakes. You don’t want to damage your curtains before you’ve even really started using them – and these weaknesses can build over time to become a big problem.

Clean your PVC regularly

A lot of customers end up thinking they need to replace their curtains, when really, they just need to clean them. Over time, though, that dirt can build up to a level where it can no longer removed, so it’s important to clean regularly. It’s easy to clean the strips, and this will prevent them from gathering germs or becoming difficult to see through. Just use warm water and wipe down the strips with a sponge or cloth. It’s as simple as that, and the dirt should come away. Since it’s so easy, there’s no real excuse for not making it part of your daily or weekly clean-up routine. Especially if used in a food production area, it’s an important task to keep on top of.

Replace them gradually

If you have one damaged strip in your PVC curtains, you might be thinking in despair that you need to replace the whole curtain. Actually, this isn’t the case. Because they hang in strips, we can actually replace just one at a time, meaning the rest of the undamaged strips can stay put. This will save you a lot of money and hassle as you won’t need to rush out and buy new ones in response to a small accident. It won’t matter at all that the strips are different ages, and if you do need to buy a whole new curtain, you can always keep any strips that are still in good shape as spares for the next time you make a replacement. Store them carefully and they’ll work a treat.

What is the difference between PVC and uPVC? 

You may have heard of the term uPVC previously, but with no indication of what it actually means. Is it different to PVC, and if so, how? We have all of the answers so that you don’t have to work it out for yourself. There are many differences between the two – and this is what they are.

How they are made

The biggest point of difference between the two forms of plastic is in the way that they are made. During the production process, plasticisers are added to the lightweight plastic in order to turn it into PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. This makes it softer, and more flexible. If the plasticisers are not added, then it becomes known as uPVC – unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. That distinction helps us to understand where many of the differences come in. In the US, it is also known as rigid PVC or vinyl siding. As a result of the manufacturing process, PVC also contains phthalates and BPA – which uPVC does not.

Their uses

Understandably, there are a lot of different uses for both forms of the plastic. PVC is used in our strip curtains, because it is flexible and can be easily moved out of place, as well as being transparent and lightweight. It can also be used for pipes, cable insulation, toys, and even items of clothing. uPVC, on the other hand, can be used for more solid requirements, like window frames. It is also often used for plumbing and draining purposes.

Their properties

As we have already mentioned, PVC is a lot more flexible – but it is also very durable. It can be made transparent, and requires a low cost to manufacture. uPVC is rigid and will not flex. However, it is also durable, and it can be recycled easily. It is fire-resistant and is also considered to be safe for transporting drinking water, which is why it is often used for plumbing and piping. It is also resistant to chemical erosion, and the smooth interior helps to encourage water flow. PVC, on the other hand, would normally be used for waste lines, irrigation systems, or pool circulation systems. It’s easy to cut into small pieces and can be held together with glue, which makes it a great alternative to copper or aluminium pipes.

Health and safety

PVC-coated wires can be dangerous in a fire, and plasticisers can also leach out of PVC into the environment. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in PVC which has been given a fire-resistant coating where possible. Some phthalates have also been flagged up as dangerous, but they have been replaced in modern manufacturing with other forms. There are no real safety risks with uPVC, particularly considering that it is already fire resistant and thus will not release fumes in a blaze. Both forms of plastic can be coated with extra resistance, and PVC can also be altered slightly during manufacturing in order to make it more resistant to cold temperatures. This is ideal for use in the food industry, where cold storage and freezer storage are common elements.


What to look for in a high quality PVC strip door?

While you might be able to find PVC strip doors at extremely low prices, usually this means that you are going to end up with something low quality. So how do you know when you’ve found something like our products – the best quality at the lowest price? Use these tips as your checklist.


Europe is usually the supplier of the highest quality PVC, so this is where you should be looking to buy your strip curtains from. The UK and France in particular are known as the best. The reason for this is partly due to the manufacturing process. In these countries, UV stabilisers are required to be added to the PVC. This means that they won’t see as much damage from the sun’s rays, which can blister them or create cracks in the surface.

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Click here to get an instant online pvc curtains quote


You want to make sure that your PVC strip curtains will last. Durability is important in a material that will be used roughly as a doorway for a long while. It is probably going to be used daily, with many people passing through during working hours. This means it needs to be strong enough to withstand a certain amount of abuse without getting damaged.


When you have the PVC strips in your hand, examine them closely. Good quality PVC will be almost translucent, allowing you to see through with only a small amount of distortion. This is very important for health and safety considerations. Low-quality curtains will be closer to opaque, which is a sign that they have not been manufactured to a high enough standard. Light won’t pass through very easily, which means more money spent on your electricity bills every month.


Can you see dirt on the PVC strips already? If you don’t see it now, then you will certainly see it soon. When it comes time to clean your curtains off, get a wet sponge and simply wipe it along the surface of the PVC. Most dirt should come off right away with this method. However, when low-quality PVC is exposed to sunlight and starts to crack, this opens up opportunities for germs and bacteria to grow. They can live in this environment and multiply, and when you wipe over them with your sponge or cloth, they won’t budge. Looking at the strip, you may see visible dirt in cracks and lines of the PVC. When this happens soon after installing the curtains, you will know you aren’t dealing with the best quality.


Your curtains will also be rated for safety in certain situations. For example, good quality PVC curtains will be fire retardant and self-extinguishing. If they aren’t, they may catch on fire or melt – which would release toxic gasses into the nearby area. This is the last thing you want, especially if your employees are in the building when a fire starts. No matter what industry you work in or where you are installing your curtains, remember that there is always a risk of fire – so you don’t want to take a chance on this.


If the PVC curtains are priced high, you might think this is a sign of quality. On the other hand, there’s only so much cost involved in manufacturing the PVC, and some companies are clearly charging way over the odds. When this is the case, you should be wary, as they are clearly more concerned with profit than customer satisfaction.


5 benefits to using PVC strip door kits for your doorways

If you have been thinking about using PVC strips in your doorways, you may wish to consider going for a door kit rather than purchasing a custom specification order of strips. There are a lot of benefits to take from this approach, including the following things you will definitely want to keep in mind.

1. They’re cheaper than custom PVC curtains

If you want to order custom PVC curtains to fit a specific space, that’s certainly possible – and we will be able to provide a result that fits your needs entirely. However, if you don’t have a complicated doorway – if it’s just a very simple doorway like any other – then you may not actually need to have it made to custom specifications. You can use a PVC strip door kit instead, which allows you to easily install the PVC curtains without any hassle. Why spend more money on getting custom curtains made if you can just use the door kits we already have available?

Click here to buy pvc curtains

Click here to buy pvc curtains

2. They are perfect for pest control

PVC strip doors are great at only letting through the things that you want to come through. A human can walk through them easily, but it won’t be so easy for pests to get through. Smaller pests like mice, insects, and bugs won’t be able to push the curtains aside – they will be too heavy for their small bodies. This means that they stay outside, where they are meant to. The same goes for birds: even if they fly into the curtains, which is unlikely, they will find themselves hitting the PVC and going nowhere.

3. They keep everything inside

As well as stopping things from coming in, PVC strip curtains can also be really handy for keeping things from getting out. One example of this is the fact that your business (or home) will be able to save an estimated 35% to 50% in energy bills, because of the fact that the curtains aid with temperature regulation. If the area behind your PVC door is heated, or chilled, then that temperature-controlled air will not be able to leak out as much – which means your system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep it the same temperature.

You can also keep noise to one area: depending on the thickness of the PVC doors that you choose and the overlap between the strips, you can reduce noise pollution by as much as 18db. For an area with heavy machinery operation, this can be a real blessing for those just outside the doorway.

4. They let light in

One thing that the curtains don’t stop from getting through is light. Compared to not having anything at all in the doorway, you can get as much as 80% light transmission coming through your PVC strip door. The clear material means that visibility will stay good without having to add in extra lighting or turn more lights on. If your doorway opens onto the outdoors, this means plenty of natural light getting through.

5. They are safe to use

We ensure that our PVC strip door kits are rated as highly as possible for health and safety. We can assure you that they are DOP Free and REACH compliant. They are also rated as Self-Extinguishing (DIN 53 382), so they are not a potential hazard in a fire situation. Having extra visibility will also help improve your safety, as you can see through the doorway before you step through the curtains.

All in all, PVC strip door kits are highly convenient – and with our high quality products, you will find that they more than do the job you expect.

What are PVC rolls used for?

PVC has such a wide range of uses, and in creating specific forms with it, we can target it towards certain uses and industries. In the case of PVC rolls, there are still a large number of applications you can use it for. Here are some suggestions of the uses that you might come across most commonly.

Datacentre separators

Datacentres can be very hot and very noisy places. This is due to all of the electricity required, and the by-products of that energy. Installing PVC rolls as separators down certain aisles helps to control the level of heat in the overall room, as well as cutting down on noise pollution. The extra benefit is that clear PVC curtains still allows you to look over to the other side of the room through all of the barriers.

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Chiller cabinet doors

You know the type: a chiller with PVC doors, or strips, hanging across it. The customer simply has to reach in through the PVC – which is easily done, because it is flexible and lightweight – and take out what they need. Once they are gone, the PVC roll falls back into place and continues to form a barrier. PVC helps to keep in heat – or keep it out, in this case. It stops cold air from leaking out, so that you can lower your heating bill. It also stops warm air from getting in, so your chiller is cheaper to run. It’s also more hygienic, forming a barrier to pests and smells.

Cold room doors

Again, if you want to keep an area cold or stop cold from leaking out, PVC rolls are perfect for the job. They can form doors to larger areas, such as walk-in cold rooms, in factories, warehouses, and retail units. They also serve a health and safety purpose: employees moving from one space to another can see through the clear PVC, and won’t step out into the path of danger – ideal in warehouse areas where forklifts may be moving around.

Loading bay doors

It’s not ideal to leave part of your warehouse or factory open to the elements. On the other hand, it’s tedious and time-consuming to install doors which have to be opened and closed every time you load a lorry. With PVC curtains, both problems are solved. Rain, wind, sun, and pests are kept out of the indoor space. When loading, employees can simply move through the barriers, which will lift out of the way and slip back into place easily. There’s no delay as there would be when opening and closing a door, and the movement is so much easier. It’s the ideal solution to the loading bay problem.

We haven’t even begun to cover all of the various uses of PVC rolls – you could also list welding bays and booths as an area needing flexible and moveable protection, for example. The applications are almost endless. That’s why PVC rolls have so much potential, both in the workplace and even at home.