6 ideal scenarios for PVC curtains

PVC curtains can be useful in a lot of different ways. While their uses are hugely diverse, we’ve picked out six scenarios in which they would be the perfect solution to your needs. If any of these situations ring true for you, you know what you need to get your hands on!

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Click here for a PVC Curtains quote

1. A space split between a warehouse and a processing area

In factory situations, there is often a large space being used for multiple purposes. You may have a processing area with lines where the products are made or packaged, and then a warehousing area where they are taken to be stored before shipping. You may also have a shipping area where lorries are able to pull up and load.

PVC curtains are ideal in this case because they provide a barrier which is easy to move through either on foot or in a forklift, and which allows visibility on both sides. It also reduces noise pollution on either side of the curtains, as well as reducing the chance of pests and pollutants crossing through.

2. An outdoor exit or entrance which is frequently used

If you are frequently going in and out, you may find it tedious to open and close a door. However, this leaves the interior vulnerable to pests, as well as potentially increasing your heating or air conditioning bill.

PVC curtains provide a safe solution which minimises the passage of pests as well as hot or cool air, whilst also making it easier for you to walk in and out whenever you like.

3. An interior door which is frequently used, especially if you are carrying things

Just like the above example, it’s easier to pass through PVC curtains than to frequently open and close a door.

If you are likely to be carrying something during your passage – such as if you are entering a storeroom to find stock for a customer – then you will also appreciate being able to pass through the curtains without needing the use of your hands.

4. An entrance to a refrigeration unit

Refrigerated rooms are essential for many sectors of the food production industry, and they may even go down to freezer-level temperatures. There is a need to pass in and out of these rooms frequently during production and shipping, but you also want to keep your cooling bill as low as possible.

Just as we have explored already, PVC curtains are ideal for both of these uses – and you can also purchase special freezer-coated PVC which is designed to withstand extreme low temperatures.

5. An irregular space, such as a door or window, which needs to be easily accessible

If the space you want to curtain off is a strange size or shape – perhaps several different levels in one place – then PVC curtains are an ideal solution. Each strip of the curtains can be cut to the dimensions you require, so it’s easy to have different lengths along the rail or to fit them to an unusual space.

6. A pathway which sometimes needs to be sealed and sometimes not

If you only want a barrier in place some of the time, PVC curtains form an ideal solution. They can be installed on a sliding rail, allowing them to be pushed back when not needed. The strip formation of the curtains means that they will concertina down into a smaller space, unlike solid sliding barriers, which need enough room to be pushed back.

PVC curtains are versatile enough to fit a number of different situations perfectly, as you can see. If you now know they are right for you, you can order online or speak to us for a consultation today.

The science behind PVC: a simple guide

PVC is a material widely used for all kinds of projects, but what is it that makes it so useful? Here we’ll give you a simple guide into what makes it work, and why it makes the perfect choice for curtains in a variety of uses.

The basics

To give it its full name, Polyvinyl Chloride is a polymer which is used extremely widely across the globe. Industrial, technical, electrical, medical, and everyday applications are common. This is because of the properties that it holds: it is durable and long-lasting, can be made either rigid or flexible, and can be clear or coloured.

Cut PVC Curtains

Cut PVC Curtains

The first patent for the manufacturing process of PVC was registered in 1913 by a German inventor named Friedrich Klatte. Commercial production of the material began in 1933, and now it accounts for around 20% of all plastic which is manufactured. Only polyethlene claims a higher percentage.


How is PVC manufactured? It starts with salt water, which goes through electrolysis to produce cholorine. This is combined with ethylene from oil, which forms a vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). When the VCM molecules are polymerised, this forms PVC resin. Once you incorporate the appropriate additives, it makes a customers PVC compound which can give you the specific characteristics you require.

These are the five steps of manufacture broken down in simple bites:

  • Extract salt and hydrocarbon resources from water and oil
  • Produce ethylene and chlorine from those resources
  • Combine the two in order to create VCM
  • Polymerise VCM to make PVC resin
  • Blend PVC resin with other materials to produce the properties you want


There are obvious concerns about the use and manufacture of plastics, but the good news about PVC is that it takes less non-renewable fuel to make than any other type of commodity plastics. They are normally made from only oil, where PVC is also manufactured from salt. In some regions, PVC is also made without oil feedstock at all, using bio-derived hydrocardon feedstock instead.

Products of manufacture

When PVC is manufactured, there are a couple of products and by-products that are also created. These are chlorine and caustic soda – both of which are hugely useful in the world at large. Chlorine makes 85% of pharmaceuticals, as well as keeping swimming pools clean! Caustic soda is used in soap, paper, detergents and cleaners, in the food industry, in textiles, and so on.


The high versatility of PVC comes from the way different additives will produce different results. PVC can be produced in a plasticised form to be flexible, or unplasticised as PVC-U to be rigid. Heat stabilisers, lubricants, pigments, impact modifiers, flame retardants, UV stabilisers and so on can all be added.

These add, respectively: protection against heat or low temperatures, low friction, different colours, resistance to damage, resistance to fire, and protection from damage by the sun. PVC is in fact fire retardant as a base material because of the presence of chlorine, but it can be enhanced further.

Due to the use of additives, you may be surprised to find that the actual PVC content in some applications – such as floorboards – can be as low as 25% by mass. 

Benefits and properties

These are the properties of PVC which result in it being so useful:

  • Excellent electrical insulation (perfect for cables)
  • High impact strength
  • Consumes less primary energy during production than other plastics
  • Insulation for windows and curtains
  • Relatively small carbon footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Rated for extensive European food contact and medical use 


There you have it – the science behind PVC, and what makes it such a great choice for so many uses!

How to look after your PVC curtains in 2019 in 5 simple steps

PVC curtains are extremely low maintenance, and this means it’s easy to look after them. If you have them installed already, or you are looking to have them installed this year, here’s how to make sure that they remain in top shape.

1. Clean with a damp sponge

Cleaning your PVC curtains is extremely easy. Because they don’t absorb dirty and have a nice smooth surface, getting rid of any grime that may build up is as simple as wiping down with a damp sponge. This should be enough to remove anything from the surface. Follow up with a wipe-down from a dry towel to ensure that no residue remains on the surface of the PVC. If it dries in the air, you may be left with a water mark which reduces the visibility through your curtains.

2. Encourage careful use

PVC is a very durable material. It can withstand a lot of hard knocks, and resists scratching where other materials might be damaged. However, this does not mean that it is completely impervious. If it is scratched, which may occur when sharp objects or textures are dragged across it, this can reduce the visibility. It will also make your PVC harder to clean as dirt can gather into the scratches. Therefore, encourage careful use as much as possible.

3. Move them away

If you don’t always need your PVC curtains in place, then you can get them to last a lot longer by moving them out of the way when they aren’t needed. This can be done on a roller fitting attached to your ceiling, allowing you to open and close them regularly. Keeping them out of the way will reduce wear and tear, as well as reducing the amount of cleaning needed. It’s also great for health and safety purposes, as it removes a barrier within your space if there is no need for one.

4. Check them regularly

You don’t need to do a lot of maintenance with PVC strip curtains, but it’s a good idea to give them a check now and then. See if there is any damage of any kind, or if they are in need of another clean. There are several things you want to have from your PVC curtains:

  • Good visibility through the clear plastic
  • Flexibility and the ability to be moved out of the way
  • A cohesive barrier with no gaps when it is left to hang on its own
  • If your PVC curtains no longer fulfill these requirements, you might want to think about replacing them.

5. Replace broken strips

It might be hard to damage your PVC curtains, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Some enterprising soul might eventually manage it! If you do end up with heavily scratched strips, or perhaps even a chunk missing, then you can easily replace the individual strip without having to replace the full curtain. This will save you money, so it’s a great way to get more life out of your PVC curtains without having to spend a lot. Should you feel that it’s time for a fresh start, you can always replace the whole unit too.

Looking after your PVC curtains with the first four steps we have outlined above hopefully means that you will have to come to step five less often. And when you do, you may not have to replace the whole kit and caboodle. It’s easy to look after your PVC and cheap, so there’s no excuse for not doing it!

Combating pest control with PVC & fly insect screens

Pest control becomes a real concern in the summer, as the warmer weather brings out all manner of flies and insects who are looking for food. Unfortunately, this also means that they spend a lot of time trying to get into places where we don’t want them to go.

If you’re looking to keep out flies and other insects, there are a number of solutions that might present themselves. Nothing, however, is both as effective and as safe as PVC screens.

Ventilation with pest control

Click here to get an instant online PVC curtains quote

Click here to get an instant online PVC curtains quote

The main advantage of using a PVC curtain as your insect screen is that it allows the best possible ventilation for any door to the outside. A solid door is not always a viable option – for example, in areas where people must pass inside and outside very often. In this case, a solid door would simply be left open almost all of the time. This would allow pests to enter the building at their will.

A PVC door, however, has a very different property. It is light enough for humans to pass easily through the strips of PVC curtains, which fall back into place immediately. This means that insects are kept out, while passage through the entranceway is not at all restricted.

The door also allows for light and air to enter into a space more easily. This is because the material is transparent, allowing light to shine right through the PVC strips and into the interior of your space. You also get more air movement because of the flexible nature of the PVC. However, the air does not flow as easily as it would with an open entranceway – which means that noise and odour pollution won’t spread as much!

Avoiding use of chemicals

One of the other options which you may potentially consider for pest control is the use of chemicals, such as pesticides. These are not as advantageous a method for several reasons.

Firstly, depending on the use of your building, it may not be suitable for the use of potentially toxic chemicals. If you are running a business, for example, or if children are often in the building, you will want to avoid those harmful substances.

Secondly, when you do use a pesticide, there is often a clean-up job involved. You will have to spend time and effort cleaning up dead insects and other pests – which is a lot of work for you to do. It’s also quite unsavoury, and if you don’t do it quickly, it will leave a bad impression for others who visit the property. It may even constitute a health hazard in itself.

Pest prevention is the key

Finally, prevention is always better than cure, particularly when it comes to pests. Insects can easily lay eggs in hidden spaces inside the building, which means that you will end up with a lot more creepy-crawlies hatching inside and complicating matters further. And if you don’t catch those ones in time, the cycle will continue.

All in all, it’s better to use a method like PVC insect screens to prevent the entry of pests in the first place, rather than having to react to them once they are already inside. This will create a more health and safety-friendly environment, as well as costing you less in the long run.

If you are having problems with pest control, or you can envisage this becoming an issue in a newly-built facility, then PVC and fly insect screens are certainly the right solution. Not only do they bring down the number of flies accessing the building, but they also reduce noise and odour pollution while enhancing light.

How can PVC curtains can reduce contamination and dust

PVC curtains are useful in a number of ways, particularly when you are trying to prevent contamination. If particles in the air are of concern to you, or you don’t want things getting dusty, then PVC is a good material to help keep your products safe. Here’s how it works.

In refrigerated units or storage solutions

You have probably seen PVC curtains in use in storage units, usually used when refrigeration is also present. This material is chosen for the task because of the fact that it can slow down or even prevent the transfer of hot and cold air, meaning that it costs less to keep the unit fully refrigerated.

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Click here to get a PVC Curtains quote

However, PVC can also have other uses in this context. When you have items stacked inside a storage unit behind a PVC curtain, this will also prevent dust and other undesirable particles from getting in. Because the barrier sits in place above or around the products, dust will simply sit on the PVC curtains themselves – and they are easy to clean with a simple wipe down.

This means that the dust does not get through – though it is important to keep up with cleaning the PVC so that the dust cannot slip inside the unit when the curtains are disturbed in order to take out or put in an item.

In doorways between outdoor and indoor spaces

Another popular usage of PVC curtains is to hang them in doorways, creating a barrier between an outdoor space and an indoor space. They can also be used to form a barrier between two indoor spaces – which might be relevant, for example, if you have machinery in one room which can put out a lot of dust, soot, or so on.

Without anything in place, a breeze or the passage of people stirring up the air can easily carry particles of dust and contaminants from one space into another. But if you have the PVC curtains in place, these particles are effectively blocked from entering the space. They will stay in the room that they were created in, or in the outside.

A solid door might manage to achieve this as well, but the difference is that PVC curtains can let in light, air, and make passage more easy. Instead of having to open a physical door, humans and machinery such as forklifts can easily pass between the curtains, moving them out of the way with little effort. At the same time, smaller animals, insects, dust, and even noises or smells will have a hard time going through the barrier. This makes PVC a great solution which gives the best of both worlds.

As a temporary shield

You don’t even need to have PVC curtains permanently installed in place. They can be put in on a runner, so that you can pull them across when you need a curtain and push them back when you don’t.

This is a great idea in areas like workstations which might not always be in use, or in situations which can change day to day. You might only need protection when something worth protecting is on site, and can then make access more free when there is no need to keep out dust and contaminants.

If you are worried about dust and other forms of contamination, a PVC curtain is a good all-round solution which can work in a large number of different scenarios. When it comes down to it, this is a fantastic way to simplify the problem and deal with it as effectively as possible without running up huge costs.

PVC crash doors for warehouses and storage

PVC crash doors can be an essential component of health and safety in warehouse and storage environments. They are convenient, cost-effective, and make a big difference in the workplace – creating an area that is more comfortable and easier to work in. Here is everything you need to know about PVC crash doors and how they could be a positive force in your warehouse.

Convenient use

It is very easy to buy and get your PVC crash doors installed, which is good news if you are agonising about which solution to go for. Unlike ‘normal’ doors, which are usually more heavy duty and made of wood or thick plastic, PVC doors are very flexible and can be easily cut to size. This means that you can order the precise dimensions that you want and still get them delivered to you in a very fast timeframe.

PVC crash doors

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It’s also simple to replace all or part of the crash doors should you ever need to do so. The PVC doors can be removed and new versions installed in no time at all. You don’t even need an expert to install them for you in most cases.

Cost-effective solution

The big thing that will attract most business owners to looking into PVC crash doors is the fact that they are a lot cheaper than almost all other solutions. You can go for plain, clear PVC doors which give a full view through to the other side, or you can have some of the door area coated black or grey to provide different panels. This is all done at a very low price, even with a very high standard of quality.

This means that you can save funds, spending them on other areas of your business that need attention. Since they also increase safety in the workplace, especially if you are in a warehouse where forklifts are used, you can also envisage a saving in terms of the reduction of workplace accidents and sickness. This is great news for increasing your efficiency and improving your bottom line.

Comfort and ease

PVC crash doors can also make the workplace environment more comfortable for your employees to be in. Since you can see through the PVC to the other side, it is easier to move around, especially with vehicles or when pedestrians mingle in vehicle areas. Being able to spot anyone who might be coming towards the door is a huge health and safety boost.

PVC is also a fantastic material for keeping areas separate. It can prevent the flow of noise, temperature, and smells, as well as keeping out pests. If you have a cold storage area, for example, you can reduce your heating bill and keep the outer area more comfortable because the cold won’t leech out (or the heat in). If you have an area with loud machinery, workers who are on the other side of the PVC doors won’t see as much noise pollution – which is great for their hearing.

There’s also less chance that smells will transfer, which can be hugely important in storage facilities or workshops that deal with chemicals or foul-smelling processes. With less transfer, your employees will find their work more enjoyable, and won’t have to worry about strong odours as often.

When all is said and done, you can’t go far wrong with a PVC crash door in a warehouse or storage facility. They have plenty of plus points all round, and there are no disadvantages to be seen. This makes them the obvious choice, particularly to separate areas of your space from one another.

Why should I be using PVC curtains in the cold weather?

PVC curtains maintain heat

PVC is a great material which sits in just the right place to give us a large number of benefits. One of these is the fact that it is heavy enough to form an effective barrier, whilst still being light enough to be brushed aside by anyone wanting to enter. Some of the things that well-fitted PVC curtains can keep in their own separate spaces are heat, smells, noise, and small bugs and pests.

PVC strip curtains

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Because the plastic curtains fall down to create an effectively sealed doorway, the heat does not transfer through as much as it would in an open space – or even in a doorway where the door was left partially open to allow access. This means that if you have a space where you are constantly moving through to the outside and back again, PVC curtains can be a more effective option than a door.

PVC is durable

The great thing about your curtains being outside is that they won’t show much wear and tear from the environment. PVC is very durable, and is unlikely to pick up much damage as a result of low temperatures. If you choose to go for freezer-grade PVC, you won’t have any problems at all. It is also designed to withstand higher temperatures from the sun, so you won’t have to change your curtains when the summer comes around.

Where the rain and cold might cause wooden doors to swell and warp, PVC curtains will remain in the shape that they were when they were installed. They are difficult to damage, and surface scrapes won’t do much at all towards the effectiveness of the material. They are also very easy to clean as a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will normally do the job, so they are always suitable for the outdoor environment.

They are cost-effective

Above all of this, you will also want to know what such a handy material costs. You will be relieved to know that PVC is priced very cost-effectively, particularly when you shop from a source that is able to offer you good prices on high quality. They will not need to be replaced for a very long time, and even if something should happen to one or more of the strips, you can replace them individually to make things easier. This means a much smaller bill if an accident should happen – though it will need to be a pretty big accident to necessitate a replacement!

You can have the PVC installed on a fitting that suits you the best, such as hanging curtains which are fixed in place or a sliding option so that you can push them back out of the way if needed. There is a lot more flexibility in these than getting a solid door, and chances are that they will also cost you less – especially if you are interested in quality products only.

Even though it might not seem like the most obvious solution, PVC is actually fantastic for keeping the cold weather at bay. Your PVC strip curtains won’t mind the wind, rain, and cold – they will keep their place and ensure your heaters don’t have to work too hard to compensate for the entryway.

Will using PVC curtains save money long term?

You might be interested to know whether PVC curtains are a good investment to make. Are you going to save more money over the long term by using these curtains, as opposed to other materials or even a solid door?

The short answer is yes – but if you’re looking for the details, read on to understand exactly how and why.

Reducing your bills

The first big area of saving is going to be in your bills. PVC curtains help to act as a barrier for noise, temperature, smell, and anything else that normally moves along with free movement of the air. Because air doesn’t flow quite as freely through the thick material, this means that you will save on the time and money you normally spend on correcting those problems.

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If you are heating or cooling a room on one side of the barrier, but not the other, then your bills can be reduced dramatically. For example, a refrigerated room used for the cold storage of food can be kept cooler without so much transference of hot air through the entranceway. As the cooling units won’t have to work as hard, your bills will be lower.

Another area in which PVC has an advantage is the fact that it is transparent. This means light can pass through – so having a PVC curtain instead of a solid door means that you won’t be as likely to need to turn the lights on, since natural or electric light will flow from one space into the next.

While noise and smell might not be obvious bill-savers, they can certainly help with reducing the smaller measures that you might undertake. The same is true of the fact that pests are often faced with a barrier to entry in the form of PVC. Not having to buy bug killer or use a fan to circulate smelly air away can also save money along the way.

Staying up for longer

PVC strip curtains are very durable, and can withstand a lot of work both indoors and outdoors. While they might not last as long when exposed to the elements, they will still last a lot longer than some other materials that you might be tempted to go for.

This means that you won’t have to replace them for a good while. Over time, the costing of purchasing and installing your curtains – which is already set at a low price – will seem even more reasonable compared to the alternatives which would require replacing more often. Plus, if you need to replace just one strip from your curtains, you will be able to do this, rather than buying a whole new set just to replace one bit of damage. This is where it really becomes advantageous that there are different strips to deal with rather than one single piece, such as in a door.

Improving safety

PVC curtains can also improve safety in the workplace or even at home, because they provide a barrier that a human being can easily push through without having to open a handle. They’re also see-through, which means you can always see if there is a hazard waiting on the other side.

Reducing the amount of accidents will definitely save you money, as well as limiting downtime and therefore ensuring that your staff operate at full capacity as often as possible. This can be a huge boon for you as a business, and will definitely allow you to save money.

If you are budget-conscious, then PVC curtains are definitely the only way to go. The money you can save over the long run could add up to something really significant!

How can free flow PVC curtains be used in schools?

In order to make schools as safe, fun, and open for learning as possible, it’s sometimes important to try new materials and change the environment. One way to do this is to use PVC curtains to create a free flow play area, where children have access to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Why is free flow important?

Being able to play both indoors and outdoors gives children the chance to grow up with healthier bodies, getting more exercise as well as breathing fresh air and feeling the benefits of natural sunlight. It will also help to stimulate any child’s learning and growth more, as they have different environments to explore. This can help them to develop faster both mentally and socially.

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How can you create a free flow play area?

The common choice for schools is to simply have an open door. This door can be closed when it is raining outside or the children need to focus on indoor lessons, but left open whenever it is fine to play outside.

However, there is a big problem with this option. The open door presents both a hazard and a waste of money. Heat flows outside in the winter, costing huge amounts of money in wasted energy, and cooled air does the same when it gets too hot in the summer. Insects, rodents, and other small pests can also get inside the classroom and therefore the rest of the school, meaning it is not as safe as a classroom with a closed door. On windy days, leaves and litter can blow into the classroom – while pupils’ work can drift out on the breeze.

How do PVC curtains help?

There are a number of great benefits to having PVC curtains installed. They can be placed on the inside of an existing door, rather than having to replace the door completely, so you can still have a closed door when you need to.

Reduce noise and air pollution

They reduce noise and air pollution greatly, stopping smells and shouts from drifting in to distract students when they are supposed to be working. They also serve as a physical barrier which stops insects, small pests, and leaves or litter from coming in and out whenever they would like to. On the other hand, the curtains are also soft and light enough that children can run in and out as much as they like without any problems.

Classroom environments

From a health and safety perspective, PVC curtains can also be very helpful in the classroom environment. Their very nature means that any clumsy children will be safe, as falling into them, walking straight through them, or catching hold of an edge won’t cause any injuries – they will simply give way. They are also easy to clean, with a simple wipe-down with a sponge normally being enough to clear dirt and germs away.

Heat retention

They also, critically, keep heat and cold air from moving too much through the area. While there will still be a minimal amount of heat transfer due to the fact that the doorway is not completely sealed, it will be much less than in  normal circumstances. You also don’t have to rely on children remembering to close a door, as the PVC strips will just fall back into place whenever someone passes through!

For a free flow environment which encourages children to enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors, it doesn’t come much better than PVC strip curtains. They will vastly improve the quality of your pupils’ learning and growth through play.

4 reasons to use PVC curtains & doors in the winter


PVC curtains and doors are useful all year round, but in the winter, they can have particularly helpful applications. Here are the four reasons why you should think about installing PVC strips at your place of work ready for the winter.

1. Heat retention

The big thing you have to deal with in the winter is your heating bill. Whether you have open entranceways or closed doors, you will inevitably face some loss of the heated air that you have paid to warm up. When the door is opened, and particularly when an employee subsequently forgets to close it, the air loss can be rapid. Your heating bill will rise dramatically as a result.

Click here for a PVC Curtains online quote

Click here for a PVC Curtains online quote

With PVC strips, there is a much higher degree of heat retention compared to an open doorway. When someone passes through, the strips fall instantly back into place, which makes it superior to a door as well.

2. Hygiene

With the cold weather in the winter, it’s easier to forget about hygiene. This is still a huge issue in many workplaces, however, and does need to be addressed at all times of year.

PVC curtains help to prevent the spread of germs, and will keep noise pollution to a minimum as a bonus. You can also wipe them clean very easily, which will keep it simple for your hygiene team.

3. Durability

Many materials are simply not cut out for the job of surviving the winter when they are exposed to cold weather. Wooden doors can swell when soaked with water, and repeated freezing can cause many materials to crack.

Freezer-grade PVC is capable of withstanding low temperatures without cracking, changing shape or size, or sustaining any damage. It will still remain flexible and perform as expected when temperatures are low. This makes it perfectly suited for an outwards-facing door or window.

4. Ease of use

If you are realising in the middle of the winter that you need a new door solution, or you need to put in some repairs, then it’s a huge bonus that PVC strips are easy and quick to install. They will arrive with you and be ready to go very soon, so you will have to endure the heat leak for less time.

It’s also very easy to replace the curtains, even if it is only one strip that has been damaged. You can simply detach it and hang a new one right in the same place. It’s as easy as that, and installation couldn’t be quicker. This is a huge benefit when time is of the essence. You also won’t need to replace them often, because of the durability that we explored earlier.

Whatever time of year it may be, installing PVC curtains and windows is a fantastic way to improve your workplace and increase your efficiency in terms of heating and health and safety. In the winter, it’s clear that these steps are even more necessary. Don’t waste time with other solutions which won’t do the same job!