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5 reasons for PVC curtains outside of the workplace

We all know about the massive benefits of using PVC curtains in the workplace. There are boosts to health and safety, reductions in lighting and heating expenses, and a very convenient solution which does not at all cost the earth. But what about outside of the workplace? Is it possible to find a way to use these curtains then?

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Actually, yes – and we have come up with a short list of five of them. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and there are plenty of ways to use PVC curtains other than this that you will certainly be able to explore for yourself.

1. Dog and cat doors

Dogs and cats need free and easy access to the outdoors, especially if they have weak bladders or have not taken well to being house trained. In some cases, you just need to make sure that they can get outside whenever they need to. For cats especially, they can really need to escape and get outdoors as often as possible in order to fulfil their drives. But of course, you need to make sure that your house stays warm and free of vermin – so what can you do? In the bottom part of your door, you may wish to create a cat or dog flap. This can easily be done with PVC curtains, cut down to size and arranged so that your pet can push through them easily. This may also discourage other local cats from coming in, as is sometimes the problem with solid cat flaps. Make sure that you consider this option if you have been having some problems with your cat bringing friends home.

2. Fly screens

fly insect screens
Fly insect screens

If you live in a building where there is often a chance to leave the back door open, you may wish to do so for several reasons.


During the summer, this can really cool the house down, preventing the heat from soaking in through the windows. It can also create a more pleasant environment. However, if large flies, bees, and wasps are constantly coming inside, then you may not find yourself able to relax. Having PVC curtains up just behind the door will create a fly screen which allows the light and air in while discouraging flies.

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3. Shower curtains

PVC curtains will keep water on the side of the screen that you want it to be, which is why they are ideal for use as shower curtains. You can also move them out of the way easily if you need to, because they are hung in strips. This means that you can adjust the amount of coverage that you have without any hassle. Should you wish to clean them outside of the tub, you can also do so easily, just by hanging them over the edge. It is a convenient solution which will keep the rest of the bathroom dry, no matter how much water you throw at them.

4. Kitchen dividers in open plan homes

If you have an open plan kitchen and dining room, then you will no doubt understand well the hassles of having smells or smoke drift through the house unchecked. There is a very simple way to prevent this from happening. If you have an opening which is narrow enough to permit it, you can easily hang PVC curtains across it in order to keep the odours and smoke in the kitchen. You can also move in and out of the kitchen very easily, as you only need to push your way through the gaps in the curtains to come out while holding plates of food.

5. Creating a sectioned off workspace

If you have a hobby that requires you to have your own workshop, or even if you just like to tinker about with your car in the garage, you may wish to have PVC curtains put up in order to section off a private space. This has the added benefit of cushioning some of the noise and reducing the amount that gets through – perfect if you are using power tools. This can also help with areas which need to remain a certain temperature.

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